Brand promotion on a Tight Budget

No matter how successful you are as a small business owner or an entrepreneur, chances are that your budget is tight – especially your promotional budget. We all know just how important marketing is these days, but what can you do when your means are limited and you don’t have the budget for a full blown advertising campaign?


Don’t despair just yet. There are plenty of promotional activities you can conduct even with limited resources. You will need to maximize the things that come for free (social networks, good old word of mouth, etc.) and spend your money wisely to get the most out of your budget.


The power of the internet

When used smartly, internet can be a powerful promotional tool. Do you have a website? Is your business present on social network? If so, how much do you interact with your clients, both potential and existing?


Your website needs to be functional and you need to make sure you answer any query or complaint as promptly as possible. You need to grow your mailing list and inform all your clients on any news, offers, discounts or any other thing that might be of interest to them.

You should try to utilize the social networks in a way that will engage your client base, so try to be creative. Organize some giveaways and contests, ask them for feedback, call the public to take part in some of your activities (designing a new logo, or suggesting new solutions, for instance), promote social values and make sure you’re always there to interact.


Be a pillar of the community

Supporting a social or a charitable cause is a noble thing on its own, but it can also be a great source of good publicity. As a member of your community, you should have a good understanding of what resonates and what matters within it.

Your contribution doesn’t have to be a fat check to a charity of your choice. Sometimes even a declaration of support can go a long way. As usual, the more creative you are the better, and engaging your community is key here, as in any other aspect of your promotional work. You can organize a charity event, create special offers with part of the profits directed to certain causes, support young local talents or sports teams – anything that will associate your brand with certain values your community treasures and that will hopefully spread the word about your business.


Mind the freebies

Even though it often seems that the whole world is going digital and virtual, there is still plenty of value in the good old fashioned tangible goods. Some may see it as a waste of money, but well thought out promo items have a way of entering your clients’ homes and workplaces and becoming familiar, which goes a long way in establishing your brand.

These days anything is at your disposal. You can put your stamp on any product known to mankind, and you can probably do it on the cheap.  Again, try to be creative with it and come up with something that hasn’t been done by everyone before you. Make sure your logo is present and visible in all your public activities.

For instance, if you organize a public event you can print leaflets and brochures, give out some fine looking T-shirts, or even customize the drink bottle labels to carry your company logo. the more people are exposed to your brand, the more familiar they will become, and reaching a certain level of familiarity is the ultimate goal of any quality branding campaign.


Hopefully, some of these suggestions will work for your business. Ultimately, no one knows your business better than you do and you can surely come up with some creative solutions on your own, so consider it a starting point for some affordable brand promotion.

Good luck!


Image courtesy of Pixabay.

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