Startup Offices Designed For Success

Good office design boosts employees’ productivity. It can also be used as a great branding tool, especially in the digital age when we can see thousands of office photos on social networks. That’s why startups should invest bigger funds in their office space and in most cases these investments will pay off really quickly.  In this article we reviewed some of the most important elements that make offices more comfortable.


Office layouts changed drastically during history. First offices looked like classrooms, with supervisor desks placed on platforms, so they can have a good overview of employees’ tables. In sixties designers finally realized the importance of organic grouping, which put tables of employees who work in same segments closer together. These were called office-landscapes and are role models for today’s’ office designs. After that the grim and secluded cubicle era came, but luckily it ended after only one and a half decade. Today’s offices are fun and relaxed places that are strengthening team and communal spirit. Best examples for this are photos from Google, Facebook and Apple offices, with vertical gardens, bean bag chairs and chalkboard walls.

These latest office designs boost employees’ productivity and lower work-related stress. That’s why companies constantly need to follow new office design trends and keep their office buildings up to date.


Happy employees boost company’s sales and revenue, which is why office comfort is exceptionally important for business performance. Comfort starts from seating, and company management should invest more funds in equipping their premises with comfortable office and boardroom chairs. Many companies tend to offer more comfort for higher ranks, which is wrong. Yes, the manager should have hers/his own office, but when it comes to furniture comfort, companies shouldn’t leave anyone behind.

office design and layout


One of the main condition for comfortable office is lots of natural lights. Light affects workers’ productivity as well as their behavior. More natural light in offices makes employees happier, encourages their satisfaction, battles absenteeism, and results in fewer job-related illnesses.

Offices also need to have artificial lighting sources. Artificial lighting shouldn’t be dim or blinking because this result in headaches, drowsiness, and of course poor work results. Most entrepreneurs today, avoid neon lights and put a lot of thought in choosing the right light bulbs, which is definitely a good thing.

Chill-out zone

These are one of the most important parts of office buildings, at least for the workers. Many fast-growing tech companies go an extra mile to satisfy their employees’ wants and needs. This is a very good practice that relieves employees from stress and makes them more loyal to the company. For this reason chill-out zones should come with amusement games and gadgets like: foosball table, slide like in Google offices or set of drums. Chill-out zone should also have a quiet part, where workers can enjoy silence, have a lunch, relax and meditate.

chill out zone every office needs to have


Branding offices is very important for company image. This doesn’t only include pasting company logos and posters on the walls, but buying an adequate furniture or adding innovative design features. Office branding doesn’t stop there. Company won’t get too much use, from branded offices, when only management and the employees can see its beautiful design. That’s why community managers should share office photos on various social networks and support other employees to do the same.

Bottom line

Companies that are leasing their office space, rarely decide to invest bigger funds in their office design. Since improved comfort instantly increases employees’ productivity in most cases these investments will pay off in less than a year. With this in mind even entrepreneurs, whose startups are in first phases of development, can cash on their employees’ satisfaction, by purchasing more comfortable chairs, more practical tables and adding chill-out zones in their office buildings.

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