Startup Trends and Emerging Investment Fronts in 2016

The investment and business development observers agree that the trends and investment fronts in 2016 will be a continuance of what has already been happening the year before. What this means is further enhancing of Internet of Things, smart home and health research technology and particularly improvements in mobile e-commerce, all with the aim of more efficient data processing and analysis and increasing privacy. If you plan to invest during 2016, make sure you check this list of most promising startup trends and investment fronts.

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Privacy protection

We are witnessing a continual rise in the number of smart home technology users and the prediction is that the trend will continue. One of the major reasons the number of users is not even greater is a growing concern of what happens to the data that is collected during the use of smart home technology and who has access to it. Products and services that combine efficient data collection and guarantee consumer privacy protection are well worth considering, both as startups and investment trends.

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Health digitalization and Big Data use

The continual stress the majority of people are experiencing is dramatically influencing their health, both mental and physical. The need for useful information on the matter and increased need for online mental health services dictates the necessity of development of digital health record storage and new health diagnostic tools. They will all rely on Big Data collected from latest clinical trials of new treatment procedures and improve the prediction of different disease developments in relation to particular risk groups. All in all, digital storage solutions and Big Data analysis are still at the top of the investment lists.

Africa, a prospective investment front

Although Africa was probably at the bottom of the list for promising investments, things started to change rapidly. E-commerce and mobile industries show increased signs of activity on a large scale. There are signs that predict the future prospects of investment in their development in Africa. One of the largest surely is IBM’s announcement of opening a 60 million dollars’ worth tech hub in Johannesburg. This is a respectable investment on its own, which becomes even more foreshadowing when the fact that it is their twelfth in the area is taken into account. An inexpensive bandwidth in Africa is another area worth considering since it promises great development opportunity.  

Reshaping commercial real estate industry

Just like residential real estate, commercial real estate is all about data analysis and making the right decisions based on the results gained from it. However, unlike its residential counterpart, commercial real estate still has not used the full potential of contemporary data analytics, a real time approach and mobile and online solutions. Fortunately, things are starting to change rapidly and clunky software and Excel charts are slowly becoming history. Increased interests in the commercial real estate made it a competitive market and in order not to miss on a promising deal fast reactions are needed. That is why any prospecting property agent, as well as buyers or owners, are turning to mobile apps, cloud storage and software that provides actual, real time data. Therefore, investing in any of them is highly recommended.   

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Counter-terrorism tech

The unfortunate events from September 11, 2001 have put the counter-terrorism efforts into a continual worldwide spotlight. Even though a decade and a half passed the technology that helps win the counter-terrorism battles needs to and is constantly being improved and innovated and the trend will surely continue. Therefore, it is by no means too late to make a start in the field or invest in some of the existing developments that are in need of funding.

Another recommendation for all of the above suggestions is the fact that these trends will surely continue in years to come, based on current demand and prospect and the fact that the field they cover is surely going to develop further.

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