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10 SaaS Lead Generation Tactics To Jumpstart Your Sales

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A Multi-Faceted Approach

SaaS products can be very lucrative for your business, provided you market them right. If you want to be the most successful in acquiring new clients, or upselling existing ones, in terms of Software as a Service (SaaS), you want to rely on multiple marketing strategies. Following are ten that can prove very useful.

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White papers

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A white paper goes over what your SaaS services are in detail, and can provide potential clients with the information they need to make an informed decision. White papers are “just the facts, ma’am”, as the popular catchphrase goes. They’re technical writing, and can really be worth your while if you know how to get one made that you can link back to your business.

A Drip Campaign Utilizing Email

What you’re going to want to do here is steadily send out information to a list of contacts via email. But you don’t want to clog up dead email addresses, or get a bunch of “mailer-daemon” messages back which indicate the address sent to is no longer operable.

To help you avoid such exigencies, against one another; as AccuWeb Hosting points out, such verification represents: “…an indispensable tool for companies sending mass emails [as it] determines whether…a list of email addresses is fully valid and deliverable.”

Nurturing Of Leads

This is a pretty standard, basic practice in terms of sales. What you do is call, email, or  arrange meetings with prospects at regular intervals in order to establish your business in their mind over time. You want to meet or at least touch base with leads no less than five times (provided this is professionally possible) for maximum results.


Attending Tradeshows And Conventions

Tradeshows provide you with a valuable opportunity to meet with competition, non-competitive peers, and an audience of likely prospects for your services. You should attend them as much as you can in light of your existing budget.


Traditional Advertising As Used In The Digital World

Simply put: take out ads online, in newspapers, on billboards, on websites, and wherever else you can get your information posted. Granted, it’s ideal to get your information in front of your target demographic.


Utilizing SEO, SMO, and PPC Campaigns

Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, and Pay Per Click campaigns can all be essential in helping you land a variety of diverse clients. Which methods work best for you will depend on how you conduct your SaaS services. It makes sense to strike a balance between the three, giving preference to the option delivering the most ROI to your operation. Generally this is content-marketing under the penumbra of SEO.


Get Listed On Sites Vetted In The Industry In Terms Of Referrals

Industry referral sites can give you a massive leg-up, but getting listed there will require having an SaaS solution that is properly referable. If you can do this, you’ll likely see some increase in your traffic.


Offer Clientele A Free Trial

Everybody likes free stuff. Whenever you can offer SaaS services for free during a limited trial period, you’re likely to convert clients—especially if you get them on an automatic payment plan should they finish the trial period and fail to cancel. Netflix does it, if your services are good enough, you can too.

Provide Prospects With Value-Enriched Quotes And Estimates

Whenever a prospect asks you for a quote, give it to them—but enrich it with statements that demonstrate the value of your business. If you’re calculating a quote, you’ve likely got some of their information. Surfeit that quote with the value your SaaS will bring them collaterally over time. If they’re asking for a quote, they already likely think your services can save them money. So prove it to them.


Solid Vendor Relationships Of The Quid Pro Quo Variety

Now you’re likely going to work with a variety of tech vendors if you’re providing SaaS services. Some of them will come into contact with clientele you could service, but which they can’t. If you toss them a bone when you’re in a similar situation, they may extend the favor to you.

Increased Leads

Some of these pointers will likely work better for your organization than others. What you want to do is figure out the most actionable strategies and put them to work for you. SaaS is booming right now because it provides clients a lot of value. If you’re savvy enough to capitalize, you’re likely to see some real profit.

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