5 Christmas presents to give yourself

Christmas season is here again and we all are trying to get one present or the other for our family members and our loved ones.

But have you ever wondered what gift you could give yourself for this Christmas. Here are some gifts you could give yourself without spending a lot of money.

1. Learn to forgive: Life is unfair, full of different kinds of people, some people are just while some are unjust. People may get you angry or try to push you so hard on some thing, Learn to forgive irrespective of their deeds to you. if you forgive people, then they do not have a hold on you.

2. Watch less TV: Watching TV for hours is not a good thing for anyone. Decide what programs to watch in the course of the week, don’t just watch TV aimlessly. If you do this, you would realise you won’t be able to achieve much. So watch less of TV and you would realise you have given yourself a great gift this season.

3. Learn to say no: We all have our priorities, but other people come up with a request or the other. If you say yes to all their demands, you realise that you were unable to meet some targets. So learn to say no.

4. Take time out: Make out sometime out for yourself to do something you enjoy doing (your hobby). Do not work 24 hours without attending to your own need, its very important. You could set aside 30 minutes or an hour in a day for yourself.

5. Let go of what is bugging you: If you have been worrying about someelse’s problem does not bring solution to the problem. You can show your love to other by caring for them, not by shouldering their prioblems. Do the little you can to help others but do not be burdened with their problems.

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