5 Most Common Mistakes That Can Harm Your User Experience

Are you looking forward to making your application successful? Do you want your app to be a winner in the online marketplace? To make your app apart from the other apps, you need to carve a niche among the other 3.9 million applications that are obtainable in the app store.



With the constant increase in the competition of the app industry, it becomes a quite daunting task to design a popular app that becomes more of a challenge these days. Crafting a desirable mobile experience becomes much more difficult for professional designers and developers as the platform has different limitations to it comprising screen real estate, UI constraints, attention span and more.

In case, if there is any poorly designed and developed app, it doesn’t get a second chance as it is already hard to get the users download it. A badly designed application will surely affect the performance.

And trying to make UX perfect has cut many ways it and resulting in making different mistakes during the process. If you want to make your app successful, ensure that you avoid these common mistakes that can destroy your user experience.

5 UI/UX Mistakes to Avoid While Making an App

 Poor UI/UX Design

It is one of the most common mistakes that a designer can make while creating an app. In a mobile app, UI takes care of the settlement of elements that not only affects the performance, but also UX.

While designing the application, you should place yourself in the users’ shows and think accordingly. As it will help you to decide about the design interface, which will go to the application. By opting for a simple and interactive UI, you can engage more users with your application as they can navigate your app easily.

You should consider making your application operative on multiple devices and do not face any issue with compatibility. Make yourself aware of the latest trends in UI design and use some as an inspiration from the other apps to develop an exclusive product for your customers. 

Ignoring Targeted Audience

Do you know that ignoring the targeted audience will lead you to the failure path? The targeted audience is considered as more significant than the app design concept. Your unusual plans are not going to work unless you have a clear idea like with whom you will be catering to.

It is highly important that you clarify on the end users of the app to measure the targets accordingly. Getting to know an audience can give you a complete idea about their age group and what they are expecting from the application. Once you met the expectations, no doubt will grant satisfying UX. 

Blasting with Different Features

A lot of developers are there, who choose to implement enormous features in their application, but adding numerous features can make your app slow and lower its performance. By adding numerous features in the app, it can consume a huge memory

and resulting in the output of the application.

When you start designing part of your application, make sure that you include primary features that serve the major functions to the visitors. Once you have finished with it and feel that you want to add more features, you can go for an update in a later stage. 

Complexing Things

For professional mobile app designers, Keep It Short and Simple is the best rule that they should follow. They should not make things complicated as it will confuse app users that will meddle in the working the app.

Many a time, designers overdesign the app in an urge to make it unique, but over designing an app can destroy your application. You may sound it good, but it is one of the biggest flaws in practical use. For app users, over designed and visuals apps are quite daunting because they need to learn how to use them and it will take their more time and efforts. 

Asking Your Visitors to Sign-in

A web designer thinks that sign-in is a must for your application. However, it is true that there are various advantages of sign-in, but it is a hassle for many customers. For them, it is the biggest task to fill in the same personal data again and again for the application.

Now, you can find a lot of applications that give the benefit of skipping the registration for the time being so that they can try out the application. By ditching long and lengthy registrations, you can give an edge, especially to those, who are reducing a significant pain point and giving relied for the users.

So, these are the five most common mistakes that can destroy your application, making user experience and user interface worst. If you want to make your app successful and popular, you should avoid these mistakes.

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