The 53 Gold Plated iPhone Ordered By Nigeria FG is Finally Here


53 Gold plated iPhones

believed to have been ordered by the Federal government to mark the

53rd independence day

has finally arrived. The iPhones cost about N662 million, it was ordered from the Gold and Co., a British luxury products company.

Prior to the arrival of the iPhones, the FG denied the claim of ordering any iPhones. But the supplier of this Gold plated iPhones, Amjad Ali, a Bristol-born owner of Gold and Co. based in Dubai confirmed that an order was placed by the Nigeria government.

After the arrival, the claim is still been denied by the Federal Government.  Dr. Reuben Abati, FG spokesman stated that no one in the federal administration ordered for such phones. But it technical to think  that an individual/organisation cannot single handedly order such a phone of that quantity.

Engraved on the iPhones is the coat of arm, a shield and two horses. Those that would be getting the phones are yet unknown.



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