Apple Bought 3D motion technology Company that made Kinect – Primesense

KinectPrimeSense, an Israeli-based company that specializes in sensors has been bought by Apple. This news brought curiosity to people that what plan does Apple has getting a sensor specialized company.

PrimeSense company is the company that built Microsoft’s motion-control system Kinect. The company was purchased at a price of $360 (£222m).

Though Apple refused to state specifically their intentions of buying this company. “Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans,” said an Apple spokesman. But PrimeSense confirmed that their company has been purchased.

After the news of the purchase, there have been speculations about the next move of Apple. “Apple could be thinking a number of things, from gaming on iPads to a way to interact with Apple TV or the rumored TV set,” said Carolina Milanesi, a tech analyst with Gartner Research.

To some, the PrimeSense purchase signals that Apple is working on something truly different. The television has supposedly been in the works for years, and the company is widely expected to be rolling out a smartwatch in the not-too-distant future.

PrimeSense has managed to shrink sensor the Kinect sensor to a mobile size and they were working with a Nexus 10 tablet at a Google’s developers conference in May.

Someone else says Apple might be planning to make it’s current gadgets more attractive to customers. Also they may decide to have Apple TV by incorporating the technology they just acquired.

Let’s watch out for Apple’s next innovation which might be amazing.

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