A’SE’s Art Provides Collection of Beautiful Art Available in Print and Original

If you love art of diverse kind, you will love all the collections of A’SE’s art (http://aseartworld.com). A’SE’s Art World provides collection of beautiful arts. Its relevance would be as high today or any yesterday. It’s eccentric to say the least. The mood it takes you to is that of relief and relaxation a sigh of happiness, its decoded revolutionary messages is inspiring, motivating. His pieces are for the intellectual, the eclectic, and the new age stylish generation. It speaks in ways mostly told by leaders. It takes a stand and makes you wonder. It’s exciting and mysterious.

On how A’SE’s art came about, the founder has this to say. “I was born in a Philadelphia PA with hope and a dream to make a difference in my life and the lives of those around me. My upbringing was hard work and turmoil. I was able to venture out and away from childhood struggles to try my hand at any and everything legitimate to obtain my dreams. At the age of ten when my art teacher would say “class its independent art time”, we would grab our construction paper and crayons to make art. My classmates would all draw pictures of houses, cars, action figures etc. I would draw something more abstract. It would be triangle shapes cluttered together making them connect and connect again until the paper ran out. I would then color them each a different color until those colors ran out. I always thought it wasn’t good enough. My classmates never noticed the beauty in my art but my art teacher always said Hmm this is nice you should keep doing this. So to the world I offer my abstract art and hope you like it.”

Speaking further, the founder said “I also occasionally like to photograph beautiful landscapes in and out of the country of USA. My art is a calling to those who think deeper. It screams out to those who share the same interest in helping humanity. Its selected colors almost always have a correlation to the most esteem organizations that work towards a greater good. I pledge to create or photograph any art that would help bring awareness to this world.”

A’SE’s art is available both in print and original form and can be purchased at http://aseartworld.com

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