BBM’s Success Determines Blackberry’s Future

BlackBerryWhen one think all hope is lost, then there springs up an opportunity which if exploited hope will be gained back. This is the case for Blackberry, they hope to get back their market from the release of BBM for Android and IOS.

Some weeks ago Blackberry planed to launch BBM for both Android and IOS devices, but some unauthorized persons leaked in some BBM versions which was unusable for customers. Several fake apps on BBM were sneaked in to the play store. Due to this Blackberry had to cancel there initial plan and choose a plan B in making BBM available for Android and IOS users.

The plan B was to make the application available country by country and the release dates was not provided. This plan worked out without any itches for Blackberry.

About 10 million people downloaded BBM the first day it was available, in the first week, they recorded 20 million downloads. Presently BBM users will have be over a 100 million users. So blackberry is left to device a means of making cash out of BBM.

Alternatively, Blackberry launched a new device, though this does not sound too good recording their huge loss in their previous hardware devices. But this new device which will be Z30 promises to be a good one, better than previous ones.

The Z30 device is a 5-inch screen with a sharp Super AMOLED display, it also comes with a new version of Blackberry’s operating system 10.2, which means having full access to messaging applications from within the phone’s message hub, along with a range of hardware and software enhancements that suggest it has listened to users’ grumbles.

It has a heavyweight 2880 mAh battery extends talk time from 11 hours to 18 hours, leaving other flagships in the dust. There are hopes that the phone will catch on in the Mobile market.

With the huge success with BBM, Blackberry is not ready to bid the market Goodbye, so more innovations are still to come from them.

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