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BEWARE: EduConsults Pre-varsity IS SCAM

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In a nutshell, Educonsults Prevarsity is a total scam and the founder always boasts no one, including parents, can do anything to him. Avoid them like a plaque if you don’t want to waste your time and money.

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Educonsults is a quack school parading itself as an approved and licensed institute to tutor and coordinate students in a bid to preparing them for examinations and admission into the university. The owner, one Mr. Segun Ilesanmi is so dubious and unprofessional. This article was written by 7 anonymous students who expressed their displeasure and bitter experience with the school.

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We heard about EduConsults Prevarsity on a radio station when they were advertising their Alevel program (Jupeb, Cambridge, and IJMB).

We called the number they dropped to make enquiry.
Firstly, it was frustrating not getting your calls being picked on time and when they do, they answer unprofessionally.
Secondly, they lied about the cost. The initial cost they said was N255,000 in total, but it wasn’t so when we got to the school. We paid over that amount. We were asked to pay N28,000 as a requirement fee (which wasn’t part of the N255,000), We were also asked to pay for Direct Entry – N12,500, National Identify – N2000 (which we later didn’t do), Post Direct Entry – N10,000 and other little charges including Covid test which we didnt do.

On different occasions, we were asked to pay damages fees for things we didn’t even damages (sometimes N5000, N2000, N1,500, etc depending on the director’s mood).
We didn’t receive quality lectures because we spend most of our time standing under the sun listening to his stupid “Motivational speeches” (which he repeated the same thing every time).
He insulted us, planted fears in us, threatened us, and taught us how to lie

He did a lot of things that parents wouldn’t want to see in a school. He was after the money, and he succeeded in extorting money from everyone of us. We spent over N500,000 (hidden charges applied).

We paid N50,000 for the textbook and he didn’t give everyone. He gave some people half and he didn’t give some people at all.

He has even slapped one of the teachers just for teaching the art students when he didn’t ask him to. The science student class wasn’t practical enough, the lab coat we bought was just for fun and nothing more.

Most of the time, one would wake up and not feel like going to school because of his attitude and fear of paying for things we’re not supposed to pay for.

He even collected money from some students to run examination malpractice (IMAGINE)!!! He did that because he knows he didn’t teach us enough.

The classroom is so unventilated, small and isn’t befitting for a school. Science students are more in number and we didn’t get a nice classroom. We always fought for where to sit because of the inconvenience.

To make matters worse, all the students during my sets failed the exam (over 200 of us) including those that paid for the special center. He even asked us to pay N35,000 each to collect the printed exam result and was unbothered.

I am regretfully writing this and I beg of you to always make a thorough investigation before applying to an unknown “Private School.”

His name is Mr Segun Ilesanmi
Phone number: 08135430382
Location: Ibadan, Oyo state.

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