Is Your Business Really That Safe?

Most business owners like to think that their business is a safe place for employees, clients and contractors. A false sense of security can quickly creep in. Especially when it feels like you are actually doing something by filling out all those risk assessments.

The reality is that things can still go very wrong. That’s why it’s important to be prepared in case of an emergency. Most businesses, however, don’t have a robust response protocol if the worst should occur. And this can be their downfall.

Have A Plan Of Action

The message that businesses need to minimize the risks to employees and customers has been heard loud and clear. Most businesses are obsessed with safety and have sophisticated systems to prevent accidents.

But the focus on prevention has blindsided many businesses. It has detracted from a focus on what to do when things really do go wrong.

Having a written contingency in place can help to clarify exactly what to do when something really does go wrong. Most businesses have a written plan of action when it comes to fire. And most companies will practice their response to fire using routine drills. But few have drills to respond to injury or other calamitous events.

If an employee is crushed by a forklift truck, what is your immediate plan of action? If you do have a plan, how many of your employees know about that plan?

Try to train at least half a dozen employees in how to respond to a major incident. And let everybody know where to access a step-by-step plan of action, should the worst happen.


Some incidents, however, cannot be prevented, no matter how robust the safety procedures. For instance, every year, thousands of people in the US and Europe suffer heart attacks while at work. Many businesses are now investing in Basic Life Support or BLS Training as a contingency should the worst happen.

BLS training is an excellent way to empower employees. With it, they can deal with even the most dangerous situations at work before professional help arrives. Once trained, your first-responders will have BLS certification. And they’ll be able to offer immediate support to colleagues or customers whose lives are in jeopardy.

Consult With Experts

One of the threats to your safety and that of your business is the malicious intent of others. Hundreds of thousands of businesses each year are the victims of crime. Clearly, unauthorised access to your site is a safety risk for you and your employees.

That’s why it’s a good idea to go to the experts for advice. The local police will be able to inform you of the risk in your particular area, and what types of crimes have been reported in your vicinity.

And private security companies will be able to offer solutions to deter potential criminals from doing harm.

Many businesses now employ driveway sensors to notify them when somebody has entered the premises. And in areas that have a high crime rate, additional protection, like CCTV and anti-climbing paint can help protect assets.


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