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Whether travelling for business or pleasure, flight delays and cancellations cause inconvenience and disruption for all air passengers alike. Since the enactment of the Flight Delay Compensation Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004, passengers are entitled to claim up to €600 compensation. Claims can be made in the event of flight delays, cancellations, postponements or denied boarding. Unfortunately, only one in four air passengers are acquainted with this important piece of air passenger rights legislation and only one in twenty actually demand compensation.

ClaimFlights offers a brand new service portal, committed to informing passengers about their rights and helping them to make a hassle-free claim. For all passengers who have been faced with flight cancellations or delays of over three hours, ClaimFlights provides help with the assertion of a compensation claim. The whole process of making a claim at only takes a couple of minutes and a few clicks. The service is also available on mobile devices.

The EC Regulation 261/2004 is a European law and is therefore applicable in all EU airspace. However, a passenger does not have to be a European citizen in order to claim financial compensation for a delayed flight. Any air passengers arriving to the European Union (with an EU airline) or arriving from Switzerland, Iceland or Norway, or even departing from any airport situated in the European Union (with any airline), is entitled to make claim.

ClaimFlights is modern, efficient and of outstanding quality

Quick, straight forward and no red tape involved. A team of expert lawyers take care of the entire process, from calculating the amount of compensation and corresponding with the airline, to a possible court hearing. Air travellers benefit from the highly efficient, extremely competent processing of their claim for compensation and can look forward to a very promising outcome without any financial risk whatsoever.

ClaimFlights utilizes the latest process management systems and is the only authorized enterprise in Germany offering a fully digitalized process for air passenger rights claims with the advanced function of e-signatures. As a result, passengers are spared the hassle of having to print out all of the necessary documentation and of the time consuming trip to the post office, which might be of particular interest to US and non-European air travellers who would rather avoid the additional cost of airmail. This not only saves travellers from a lot of paperwork but also reduces needless CO2 emissions. The ClaimFlights compensation calculator reveals how passengers can make full use of their rights.

The company has set new standards by means of outstanding quality: ClaimFlights obtains the information, upon which passenger claims are based, from several different sources. Such information is vital in the event that the case has to be settled at court. In order to work out exactly how much compensation a passenger is entitled to, the compensation calculator takes factors such as flight data, weather conditions, strikes and newspaper articles into account. By evaluating all of these factors, ClaimFlights has raised the bar significantly in terms of service quality. Furthermore, each claim is individually evaluated by the Claim Flights team of experts on passenger rights.
Interesting facts about air passenger rights

ClaimFlights not only helps passengers to assert their claims, but also offers extensive information on all aspects air passenger rights, including a clear presentation of all types of compensation claims, a sample letter in case of flight delays, one of the world’s largest juridical databases with case-by-case decisions on air passenger rights, background information, and current news trends concerning compensation for air passengers in the event of flight delays, cancellations or denied boarding.


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