Daniel Libeskind and the draft Enrico Thanhoffer (Munico)

Enrico Thanhoffer:
Architect and artist Enrico Thanhoffer, also known as Munico, specializes in architecture, digital artwork and glass sculptures.

Based in Italy, Enrico Thanhoffer’s architectural designs and pieces of his artwork have received accolades and recognition from every corner of the globe.

Munico is renowned for his abstract style of digital art, along with his urban architecture, which blends modernism with traditional design elements for a one-of-a-kind look that’s entirely unique to Thanhoffer’s architecture.

“It is not the tour Eiffel” is the title of the project that the architect Enrico Thanhoffer made in 2006 for Como, in Italy.
Now in Como architect Daniel Libeskind realized a monument right where it had already drawn the architect Enrico Thanhoffer.
Maybe in a few years some architect will also carry the water invades the City of Como as has already designed by Thanhoffer.

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