Elevating Small Businesses through the Use of Technology

Technology opens the door for productivity. This is especially important to those of you who are building start-up companies and small business enterprises, who typically does not have a multitude of resources for an all-encompassing, wide-ranging technology systems like that of the bigger companies. Fortunately, there are some really helpful, economical technological tools that are widely available today, with which small business owners like you would find beneficial in growing and managing your business. In this tech world, the possibilities are limitless. Ready? Let’s dig in!

Social Media Marketing

In a world where almost everyone from the older to younger generations have at least one social media account, don’t let your company be left off by social technology, and learn how to use its power to your advantage. The popular ones, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, enable you to widen your reach, as well as provide direct interaction with your customers. Schedule your posts with apps like TweetDeck and Sprout Social, so you won’t have to worry about going online to post at a specific time. Getting your business out there in the online world is the name of the game. Your company is unique and awesome in its own way, and the social media is the perfect platform for you to reach your target audience and tell your story.

Customer Relationship Management

When you start your business venture, there are a handful of people in your team and a few customers – some you may recognize, even memorize certain contact details and email addresses. But as your business evolves, so does your customers, as well the people you keep in hand to help you get things going. Bigger business means more customers, larger teams and more people to keep track of. But don’t fret, this is where a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tool gets in, to help you manage and keep track of everyone. There are a number of contact management apps and tools that could help you to store and organize every possible detail of your contacts. The most popular tools in this category include HighRise, Nimble, Batchbook and a lot more! With wide options available, you’ll get a CRM that’s most suitable for your organization, one that works the way you do.

Smart Office Equipment

Nowadays, even ceiling fans are designed to look and act like a genuine high-tech gadget. Smart office equipment typically aim to reduce business costs by targeting electricity consumption. Programs like Google Cloud Print and technology like AirPrint are good examples of how far smart office equipment has come. Not only do these smart equipment save you money but also trim space requirements for running and expanding your office workplace.

Finance Management

So you got your business going, started to make your first sales and built a streamline of loyal customers. Everything’s running good, and you start to rake in the cash. Before things could eventually get out of hand, you may want to consider the powers of finance management tools. Several finance management apps like Expensify help you keep track of your expenses. FreshBooks help you keep track of invoices as well as the expenses directly attributable to every sale. Then, of course, there is Quickbooks, the one-stop app for all your financial needs, which acts as your personal accountant, financial planner, and bookkeeper, all rolled into one! It also gives automated reports at the end of each month. This would help you make sound business decisions. Great accounting and financial management is the language of business, after all.

Building start-ups and running small businesses are one of the most exciting, nerve-wracking, albeit rewarding, ventures in one’s life. But with the dawn of a new age and the introduction of technology, the management of businesses has become more interactive, convenient and enjoyable.


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