If you’ve been searching for a lucrative business opportunity to start with little capital, then this top secret is for you…

Discover How You Too Can Start Importation Business With as Little as N10,000 to Make as much as N230, 000 Monthly… Guaranteed!

The Hidden Secret of Importing Brand New Original Smart Phones, Tablets, Electronic Gadgets, Jewelries, Wears, Books,  Car accessories and all type of fast-moving products from USA, UK, Hong Kong, Canada And China To Your Door Step In 4 days at Cheaper Prices and selling for almost 100% profits.

This is the same secret Jumia, Konga and all those big importers have been using for years to make millions which they don’t want you to know. Now you too can start this business without needing an Office Space; No Customs or NDLEA Procedures; No Huge Capital Outlay!

Dear Business Opportunity Seeker,

Would you like to learn about an exciting business opportunity that requires little start-up capital, no prior experience, no physical office, but which can make you a lot of money FAST?

Would you like to start a simple and easy-to-do business that is capable of making you N100,000-N250,000 monthly without stress?

Would you like to know the exact secret business that has helped smart people like you to make millions over the years?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then this will be the most interesting information you will ever read today because your financial status will sky-rocket permanently after taking action with this information.

Are You Ready For Financial Freedom?

In the next 10 minutes I’m going to show you a radically different kind of business idea that you can start in as little as 24 hours if you have no experience and huge capital to start with.

It’s the most lucrative business...Importation Business!

Importation business has become the biggest means of making millions in Nigeria right now for those who know the secrets. Both the young and old are breaking their bank accounts by the day just to share the raw cash in this business and It’s high time you started this business too if you want to be financially free.

Importation business in Nigeria has long been considered primarily to be the career of rich businessmen.

Surprisingly, lots of the so called businessmen do not even use their own money to do all these businesses a lot of times. What they do primarily is to go to the banks and use their Agbada or suit to impress the bankers with collaterals and then pack all the money you struggled to make to finance their own importing business.

Now the internet has change how this business is being done and anyone with access to the internet and the right information about how to go about it, can get started in the business too. The interesting part is that you do not need Millions of naira as startup capital, you do not need a shop or office, You do not need a license or all the obscure difficult to secure paper works and you do not need to travel to china, Dubai or USA. You can get started right after you read to the end of this page!

This business in recent time has produced a lot of middle class millionaires. In case you are wondering how it works,

This is the secret…











The Designer Jewelry above is sold for $4.49 which is N718 in Nigeria Currency and the Pendant for men is $5.39 which is also N862. You could sell each for N2,000 or more in Nigeria. Now calculate your profit and how much you will make if you import 10, 20, and more of these items to resell. You could make as much as N1500 in pure profit even if it is sold for N2000. The good thing about this business which will be revealed to you is that, the more unit you buy, the lesser you pay for each item.

Let’s look 2 other items













The BlackBerry 8530 sells for $32.99, about N5300 and the shipping cost $15.05 (N2400). This same Blackberry is being sold in Nigeria for about N20,000.

The Android Tablet cost $60.99 (about N10,000) and the shipping fee is $66 (N10,560). You could sell this tablet for as low as N30,000 and as high as N40,000. If you should resell this tablet for N30,000, that would be a profit of N9,440.

Now what if you could import the phone and tablet without paying for the shipping fee, you would be making a profit of N20, 000 instead of N9,440. Right?

Usually, shipping by EMS cost less and takes atleast 4 weeks while you will have to pay a higher shipping fee if you want it to be delivered by DHL, UPS, or FEDEX in 4 days but we would reveal a hidden secret to you how to get rid of the shipping fee and let the supplier ship you the goods without charging you any shipping fee.

Take a look at another item again











These men’s jeans wear can be imported to Nigeria for $4.90, which is about N784. Except you don’t wear jeans and you’ve never bought one before, you will agree that this jeans cost between  N2,000 and N4,000 depending on the where it is being sold. Do the math yourself and calculate the profits importers have been making and how much you too can make if you start your own mini importation business.

Actually, these are just the tip of the iceberg. Importation Business is a very lucrative business which no importer would want to reveal the secret to anyone, not even their relatives. In fact most successful people will rather have their family and friends depend on them for money rather than show them how to fend for themselves simply because no one likes competition.

We at BusinessCabal.com (formerly Business-Matter.com) are changing the way Importation Business is done in Nigeria so that the low-income earners in Nigeria like you can enter the market too and grow big. If you would like to start importing any type of products on a small scale and start making almost 100% profits in as little as 72 hours from now, then allow us to introduce to you…


The Importation Business Demystified is the only comprehensive, hold-me-by-the hand guide that will show you all the tips, tricks, strategies, and secrets that will turn you into a successful mini importer rock star within few months. This step-by-step guide has been compiled by a group of successful and experienced Importers. You will also discover hot selling items you can start importing and how to get customers even before importing them. The best part is that you can get started as soon as you finish reading this page with whatever amount you have. You can import virtually any product you can think of. The list include but not limited to; Phones (Blackberry, android phones etc), phone Memory card, Phone accessories (case, porch, ear piece, charger etc), Laptops, Laptop accessories (laptop bags, anti-virus, flash drives etc), Smart phones, Bags, Suits, Ladies Sandals, Male Sandals, Hair Clippers, Shoes, Belts, Computer Accessories, Flash Drives, External DVD drive, Ties, Wrist watches, Motor spare parts, Apple products like iphone, ipad, ipod, Macbook, etc. Designer T-shirts, External DVD drive, Children clothes, Digital Cameras, Phone Batteries, Chargers,  Uk phones, Tablet pc, Android phone, Phone screen guide, Brazilian, Mexican, Indian Hairs, Jewelries,

Here are just some of the things you will learn in this guide

  • All the necessary requirements you need to know before you start importing and reselling and things you should consider.
  • How to carry out an effective market research to ascertain prices and who you will be supplying to.
  • Hot products that you can import from USA, UK and even China that people will rush to buy from you even before it get to Nigeria
  • Step-By-Step Guide on how to import them without paying any custom duties or shipping fee. You dont even need any clearing and forwarding agent to do this! (If you dont know this secret, you will be paying heavily whenever your goods arrive in Nigeria.)
  • How to get the right and cheap products and resell for almost 100% profits.
  • How to track shipment and confirm delivery.
  • How to protect yourself from scammers and fraudulent merchants.
  • How to over ride the shipping cost and gets the supplier to bear the shipping cost or you.
  • How to get manufacturers to brand their products with your name absolutely FREE.
  • How to advertise and promote your imported goods with or without a website
  • How to import cheap used cars from USA.
  • and so much more.

As part of our mission to provide innovative and comprehensive business and valuable marketing solutions to our readers and subscribers, we have created this GUIDE from our individual wealth of experience from importation business, both in small and large scale.

Having this STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE with you is like holding you by the hand and showing you on how to successfully start this business with whatever amount you have.

As a way of helping you to get started and become successful in this business, we are offering you this…

Limited Time Bonus

Bonus One = Value at N9500








If you have access to huge capital and want to start importation business on a larger scale, you could start importing used cars with less than N1 million. Let me show you how profitable this business is using an example of a car (Honda Accord) that was imported to Nigeria last year.

The cost of the car above is about $4000 (that is N636,000)
Shipping fee $1,200 (N190,800)
Custom Clearing fee N220,000
Total cost of the car above is N636,000 + N190,800 + N220,000 = N1,212,000

The same Honda Car is sold in Nigeria between N1.6 Million N1.9 Million
That is a profit of between N388,000 and N688,000 depending on the bargaining power of the customer.

Imagine making as much as N600,000 selling just a car? This GUIDE will show you the car importation process


Bonus Two = Value at N20,000


It would be necessary and important that you have a registered company after you have started making profit in this business. This GUIDE will help you register your company yourself if you plan to operate as a company and will save you at least N150,000 Lawyer’s fee. (Available for the first 10 people to order)

Bonus Three = Value at N100,000


We have partnered with one of the best web design company in Nigeria to give all our subscribers up to 80% discount to get their own ecommerce site. Having your own ecommerce site will help you to reach a wider audience and also sell your products faster like JumiaKonga, store.com.ng, etc.

Bonus Four = Value at N100,000


We will mentor you for one year so you can succeed in this business and we will also provide free professional counsel for up to 4 hours (either by phone or  one on one at our office)

We know how important and life-changing this will be for you especially if you’ve been searching for a profitable business to start in Nigeria with little capital. That’s why We’ve created this comprehensive step-by-step guide for you.

So pay close attention…

We don’t want to brag, but We’ve gotten a proven track record that shows that we are an expert when it comes to consulting for small businesses in Nigeria.

So that’s why We’re giving you our personal guarantee that you will make money with Importation Business Demystified and the other bonuses, even if you’ve never done any type of business before. In fact, We’re so confident that you’ll be successful with it, that We’re backing this up with:

100% Risk-Free Get Your Money Back Guarantee:

Yes, after trying out all the secrets we revealed in the Importation Business Demystified and you are unable to start your own business or make profits after 2 months or you feel the GUIDE is not what you needed, simply contact us for a refund and we will return every amount you spent and we will even thank you for trying it out.

We can give you such an amazing guarantee because we have a good reputation when it comes to consulting for small businesses in Nigeria and it’s impossible for anyone not to be successful with this GUIDE.

We’re truly 100% confident that when you follow the secrets revealed in this GUIDE, you simply cannot fail.

That’s right…You cannot fail with this system! You will become a successful IMPORTER starting with whatever capital you have, if you simply follow the steps as we’ve outline them for you!

This isn’t a bunch of over-hyped and flawed methods put together. This is a fool-proof system that truly works, no matter what.

All you have to do is this:

  1. Simply take action today by grabbing ‘Importation Business Demystified’ for yourself.
  2. Go through the GUIDE to learn the secrets of becoming a successful importer with little capital and do as we show you
  3. Watch as your bank account grow fat in few months.

Honestly, it can’t possibly get any easier than this.


So, Just How Much For All Of This?

 “So what’s the investment?” you ask?

Look, we know that the information that is revealed inside Importation Business Demystified’ can actually make you rich and successful even in any business in few months’ time.  If you follow the steps we outlined in the bonuses as well, you could use it to set up your own company too.

We could seriously charge N100, 000 for this. (Minimum price for one-on-one consultation with us)

But we also know that when we set the price too high, you may not be able to afford it…

And we want you to be able to afford it so that we could also use your testimonials. We just really want to make sure that this is within your reach. After all, it’s obvious that you’re truly committed to becoming successful at starting a business, or you wouldn’t be reading this.

So we’ve made the investment as low as we possibly could to ensure its within your reach.  And considering the value you’ll be getting, this is really a good bargain.


It will cost you a measly sum of N10, 000

But the first 20 people to order will get discount of


N3700 if you are in the first 7 (GONE)

N4500 if you are in the next 10 (GONE)

N7000 for the last 3 people (2 Remaining)

N10,000 for everyone else

Pay N7,000 into the bank account below

Bank details

After paying, send details of your payment to info@businesscabal.com and they will be sent to you immediately after confirmation.

You can as well pay online right now securely with your atm card by clicking this link or the add t to cart button below



Don’t delay another second, order Importation Business Demystified and start making money from importing and selling fast moving products.

Committed to your success,

BusinessCabal.com Team

(formerly Business-Matter.com)


P.S. Order right now to take advantage of the discounted offer. You could come back tomorrow to find out that slots for the discount has been sold out and the price increased to the normal price of N10,000

P.S.S.  We are certainly confident that you will be very happy to get this GUIDE and all the valuable bonus worth N150,000.

If after testing it out for 60 days and you do not make money with it, just send an email to refund@businesscabal.com  and we’ll give you a FULL REFUND. No questions asked!

We want you to know that we’re fully interested in helping you to starting your own business and there is no better time to start importation business than now. We’re here for you to answer any questions or problem. You’ve got two full months to test everything out.

P.S.S.S If you have any question, comment or testimony about this product, please drop them below.



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