Jaguar Land Rover plans to offer electric version of its cars, SUVs

Jaguar Land Rover will offer electric options across its range of sleek sedans and upscale SUVs as the tradition-rich British car-maker pivots toward electric vehicles under pressure from the UK and other governments.

By 2020, the entire range of Jaguar cars and Land Rover sport utility vehicles will be available in fully electric, plug-in hybrid and so-called mild hybrid variants, Chief Executive Officer Ralf Speth said on Thursday.

Underscoring its electric shift, Jaguar will start selling the I-PACE battery-powered performance SUV next year. The company has 25,000 orders for the vehicle already, Speth said. Authorities in France and the UK outlined plans in July to ban the sale of diesel and gasoline cars by 2040 as a means to reduce air pollution and carbon-dioxide emissions, which are linked to global warming.

The move is less aggressive than plans by Volvo Car Group. The Swedish brand intends to offer only hybrid or battery versions of its new models as of 2019. The hybrid autos reduce fuel burn by being able to drive short distances or boost performance with the help of electric motors.

To showcase the UK carmakers intent, Speth is unveiling designs for a battery version of Jaguar’s iconic E-Type roadster at the Tata Motors Ltd. division’s annual tech fair in London. Jaguar Land Rover is also presenting a concept for a voice-activated, detachable steering wheel.

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