LG Plans To Launch a Curved Screen Smartphone By November

lgRecently, Samsung plans to release a curved screen smartphone this October. Likewise Apple’s most speculated smartwatch is suppose to have a curve display. Now LG, has made known their intentions to launch a new smartphone with curved screen by November.

From all this reports, Curved Screen Smartphone is now the big thing in the technology world.

LG plans to name the new smartphone G Flex which will have a 6-inch with curved OLED display. This OLED is a plastic screen and the phone is said to be flexible considering the materials that will be used.

The OLED displays are said to be lighter, thinner and allows manufacturers to experiment with different shapes because they don’t require backlighting like LCDs do. But OLED has a disadvantage which is its susceptibility to moisture.

Although date of the release of the smartphone is not concluded yet. But all things equal by next month the new smartphone by LG should be out.


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