How to make your new iPhone XS ready for business use

There’s a new iPhone on the market, holding to the same conventions as the iPhone X while also bringing a superior camera and wireless charging. The handset also runs iOS 12.

Once you have bought such a luxury item for your personal use, it can seem strange to have to trade down it for office use or be saddled with sky-high phone charges on top of what you have already paid. Switching to VoIP can be one effective solution.

Use Skype where possible

The world’s most popular VoIP service, Skype, is free to download and will let you talk to other users anywhere in the world. The iPhone XS has a full-body screen – which feels large on the phone, as there is no home button – along with a 2-megapixel back camera and advanced selfie camera, meaning that your Skype conversations will have very high-quality video and audio.

Using Skype for business communications with established clients and colleagues can save on the need for calls and an expensive phone plan. This and other technologies such as Slack, which has a free personal level and two paid tiers of service, can help your team to work most effectively within the company.

However, Skype can only be used to contact other users whose accounts you have the details of, so this cannot substitute for a more regular phone system – as many of your customers, especially in older generations, may not have Skype.

VoIP is cheaper for businesses

VoIP allows the use of technology your business already has to make and receive calls, instead of signing up for and being charged steep rates for the market rate of the phone line. If your business has good functioning broadband, you will be able to get VoIP.

It is worth reading the fine print of VoIP contracts to ensure that plans are offering what they say they are. While some plans are marketed as having unlimited call plans, the FCC warns that some providers charge extra for calls to places outside your area of service. This can be a deal-breaker, especially if you do a lot of business internationally, as this can dramatically raise your prices.

With retail prices starting at £999 for 64 GB of storage, £1,149 for 256 GB and £1349 for 512 GB, the iPhone XS is one powerful way to upgrade your life, but you will want to get as much use out of it as possible at work and home.

It is worth asking, how expensive is VoIP? You may be pleased to discover that VoIP systems tend to work out as sixty percent cheaper than normal phone systems in an office setting. The world’s leading VoIP platform in popularity, Skype, is free to download and allows cross-border communications with clients and colleagues.

However, for phone calls on the phone network, you ought to look for a VoIP provider, as the service, after an initial set-up fee, can save well over 60% on your call costs. This is especially the case if you buy a cloud subscription, saving on maintenance and on purchasing the technology. The savings will go to making your life less stressful and giving you more time to enjoy your new iPhone!

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