Mark Zuckerberg at 30: A look back at Facebook

Bill Gates became a billionaire at the age of 32, that was unheard of at the time. Wednesday, Mark turned 30 and he’s got $29.5 billion!

what is the moral lesson? There is no limit to what you can do!

In 2003 an average and unknown 100 level student in Harvard who knew how to code, started to build a website.

He was so ugly – oblong face, very short hands, introverted, always on his computer, always late to class and talks like a stammering toad from the deep of his throat. All the girls ignored him. He confirmed in an interview that they kept dumping him.

But 4 of his room-mates saw his vision and joined him, 3 of them quit school with him too. One day in school his room mates convinced him to attend a prom party. There a young lady named chan saw him, they talked, she saw his vision and stuck to him.
she stuck like glue to that ugly rejected nerd, who kept on borrowing money to host Facebook, to get an accommodation, to travel.

10 years later in 2013, she married him a multi billionaire. Richer than Dangote, Michael Jackson, All the Hip-pop musicians, all the world renowned R & b musicians put together. Richer than the Prince of Persia, Princes of Saudi, Obama and David Cameron.

In Addition to that, all 4 of his then room-mates who joined him are now billionaires too. One of them , Justin Moskovits) is worth $7b but still goes to work on his bicycle or skateboard a times and doesn’t own a private jet. The guy that borrowed him money to pay for his hosting in 2003 (Eduardo. Savarin) was paid back $5b!

Bottom line

If your boy friend/friend is a computer nerd, hold him tight. 🙂

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