How to Maximise The Productivity Of Mobile Facilities Management Operatives

images (2)The fact that modern technology allows many more people to work from home has drawn plenty of attention to the relatively new concept of remote working in recent years. However, it should be noted that it is not just office-based staff who are benefiting from the many advantages that are commensurate with modern technology. To be sure, high quality mobile communications devices, such as tablets and smartphones, now make it possible for employees who complete work tasks ‘on the road’ to carry out their tasks in a more efficient and effective manner. Undoubtedly, the fact that today’s technology is more ‘remote friendly’ than ever before, and that Internet connections can be established almost anywhere, means people like facilities management operatives can work at almost any time and from any place.

Needless to say, those in charge of mobile facilities management workforces need to adapt their management policies if they are to maximize the full productivity potential of having their operatives working in this way. Whilst investing in suitable workflow management software packages and apps that are specifically designed to streamline facilities management services will go a long way to help achieve this aim, it is fair to say there are a number of other key issues which need to be considered at the same time.

Without doubt, any facilities management department head or company boss who is keen to maintain a truly efficient customer management system and ensure their mobile workforce is as successful as it can possibly be would do well to focus on establishing work practices like the ones listed below:


Engendering a feeling of togetherness

It is easy for remote workers to feel cut-off from the rest of the company/department they work for. With this in mind, it can often be very beneficial for bosses to arrange periodical gatherings – such as staff outings or a departmental training initiatives – as this will allow mobile facilities management operatives to come together and feel part of a collective. It is a fact that employees will work harder for a company that they feel a part of.


Keeping in touch

Whether it is by way of short phone calls or more convoluted conference calls, it is vital for managers to keep in touch with their remote workers. Conference calls can be particularly beneficial, more so when they are scheduled for the same time each week/fortnight, as they give workers a regular opportunity to air their views about issues related to working on the road.


Utilising secure systems

Mobile workers are perhaps more vulnerable than most other employees when it comes to losing company data. Indeed, it is far easier for people to lose things like USB sticks and have computer equipment stolen when they are out traveling on the road each and every day. Suffice to say, any computerised management system used by remote workers needs to be password protected as this will mitigate the effects of any loss, damage or theft.

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