Microwave Frequency Management and Deployment in Nigeria

The Nigerian Communications Commission, as part of its commitment to ensure efficient microwave frequency management and deployment, invites stakeholders to a 2-day consultative forum on engineering and emerging technologies. The theme for this event is “Microwave Frequency Management and Deployment in Nigeria: Challenges and the way forward” under the host of the executive vice-chairman, Nigerian Communication Commission, Engr. Eugene Juwah.

The event promises to offer a unique opportunity for quality and innovative exchange of ideas as well as solutions on the challenges of microwave frequency deployment, co-ordination and general management of this scarce resource. The 2-day event will feature all-encompassing presentations from eminent telecom experts, Telecom Service providers and equipment vendors. The presentations include:

  • Challenges in the Development of National Telecom Infrastructure
  • Techniques and Principles of Microwave Frequency Management
  • Trends in Microwave Frequency Technologies
  • Overcoming the Challengies of Microwave Radio Deployment
  • Microwave Frequency Deployment as an Option.

The event will take place on the 23rd and 24th of october 2012.

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