No hiding place for IT quacks in Nigeria, CPN warns!

The Computer Professionals Registration Council of Nigeria, CPN, has warned that the Council was determined to fish out quacks practicing Information Technology in the country without appropriate registration, just as the Council inducted no fewer than 300 new members into the IT profession.

The president of the council, Prof. Vincent Asor stated in Kaduna during the 2016 Information Technology Professionals Assembly noted that Act 49 of 1993 that established CPN makes it mandatory for all persons and organizations seeking to engage in the sale and/or use of computing facilities, and/or the provision of professional services in computing in the country to be registered by the Council and licensed to carry out such activities. “It is definitely illegal to engage in computing professional practice without satisfying the above conditions registration and possession of a current valid”, he told the gathering at the forum with the theme: “towards a dependable and sustainable national IT infrastructure’. “By the nature of the profession, which makes it possible for a lot of people to use IT tool in their daily day to day operations, some people are now claiming to be what they are not. Also, those who are not qualified to execute IT jobs are the ones getting it. This is quite absurd and unacceptable to us. Therefore, as professionals, you have to join forces with us in fighting the scourge”, he explained.

Persons and corporate entities that are registered with CPN, apart from being eligible to carry out business, he said, stand to enjoy many benefits including raising professional standards/status and recognition as a registered computing practitioners that is allowed to use Chartered Information Technology Practitioner (C.I.T.P) after their names, projection from the public from exploitation, harassment in the course of performing bonafide, legitimate professional activities, among other benefits.

He also said that CPN was established to determine what standards of knowledge and skills are to be attained by persons seeking to become members of the computing profession and improving those standards from time to time , the establishment and maintenance of a register of persons seeking to be registered under the decree to practice the computing profession in Nigeria.

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