The Real Reason Sanusi Lamido was Suspended as CBN Governor?

Mallam Lamido Sanusi was suspended on Thursday as the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria on by President Goodluck Jonathan and has been immediately replaced by Dr. Sarah Alade as the Acting Governor. The suspension came as a surprise to many Nigeria amidst different reactions. Lamido Sanusi, who was to be retired later in June after 5 years of service as reported by Business- sometimes here last year was suspended on the allegation financial recklessness and misconduct which are inconsistent with his administration’s vision during his tenure, has the CBN Governor

However, some Nigerians online reacted to the news of the suspension of the CBN Governor on a different note.  Chinedu, who expressed his anger visibly, said “It is just a way to kill the evidence to show his involvement. The president that is characterized as being lazy and even afraid of being decisive when it comes to issues of national importance has just woken up from his slumber. Is this decision not because the CBN governor has become one of his ardent critics revealing stinking rot in the management of national oil money. How many people in NNPC has the president suspended or sacked thus far? What of the rats that fed on pension funds? This is the same president that could not mutter sufficient courage to sack former Minister of Aviation even when his own panel indicated her coupled with public outcry.”

According to one Fola, “they want to silent him from further revealing the corruption going on at the NNPC..I think its high time Nigerians begin to protest on the ongoing corruption in NNPC and the ministry of petroleum. The President wants to bury the ongoing case of corruption and we shouldn’t allow it to happen

Pascal said “This is an action expected. Sanusi found himself in a group and regime that glorifies corruption. He is a rare breed in a clime peopled by pretenders…President Jonathan has just shown to Nigerians and the whole world that, he his part of the whole fraud rocking the NNPC. By suspending Sanusi from office, he want to kill the evidence that could expose Madam Finance Minister and Madam Petroleum Minisiter”

However, according to Maxwell, who had a different opinion, he said “Sanusi knows that he is not clean. That is why he started making effort to blackmail NNPC. He was not even sure of the so called money. today $48billion, tomorrow $10 billion, another day $20 billion. This man thought he was untouchable and was stealing our money. Now we are going to know what happened to our bank.

Godwin Emefiele’s name, the MD of Zenith Bank, as however been submitted to the Senate for approval as the new Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria contrary to the 6 possible candidates reported last year to replace Sanusi Lamido



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