The Next Hero, the Infinix Zero 2 Debuts on Jumia

For the past few weeks, the Nigerian public has been left guessing about what exactly the Next Hero by Infinix was. It was a scenario of very few revelations amid very high anticipation. The little we knew was this: The Next Hero is a slim and light mobile phone which would be tougher than tough. Today, the veil has been removed and we can confirm that it is no other than the Infinix Zero 2 which is set to debut on Jumia exclusively tomorrow!

It feels like just yesterday that the game changing Infinix Zero was introduced by Infinix Mobility into the Nigerian market. Perhaps the reason it feels like yesterday is because till this very day the Infinix Zero is still a force to reckon with even though it’s been almost a year since its initially launch. Putting this into consideration, one can only then estimate the level of exhilaration that has gripped the nation with the confirmation that Infinix Zero 2 is now set to be launched on Jumia!

The Infinix Zero 2 commands and then arrests your attention with its simplistic beauty. It is covered with Kevlar which is an ultra-flexible material that can resist high temperatures (of 150 to 160 degrees) and is five times stronger than steel. It spots a 5’’ screen, an octa-core processor, 2gig ram and runs on the Android 4.4.2 Kitkat! It also comes powered with a 13MP rear camera and 5MP front camera to ensure that your pictures tell the better stories!

Jonathan Doerr , Co-Managing Director Jumia Nigeria, stated, ‘What intrigues me about the Infinix Zero 2 is the fact that its reputation certainly precedes it. Even before its launch, the number of enquiries centered on the Next Hero has been awe-inspiring and I can confirm that the Infinix Zero 2 is actually a befitting and terrific sequel to its predecessor, the Infinix Zero’

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