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Flash-Update: Due to the covid-19 pandemic and limitations with physical gathering, we have created an online export bootcamp for new students anywhere in Nigeria. The bootcamp and coaching program is even much more comprehensive than the physical workshop and has recorded more testimonials. Click here to register for the bootcamp

The current foreign exchange challenges in our nation have made the exportation of non-oil products become very imperative. The current situation also underscores the fact that there is no better time to do export business profitably than now. So it is wisdom for Nigerian businesses especially Importers and SMEs to diversify into non-oil export business. The question then is, how do we join in this export mission project to rescue our country and at the same time earn some foreign exchange? That is what this intensive workshop seeks to address.

At the end of the this programme, all the attendees will be able to understand the export business challenges and how to overcome them, handle documentations without stress, they will be equipped with skills needed to effectively market and sell their products to buyers abroad, they will be empowered to anticipate the risks inherent is export business and design different strategies to mitigate them.

Other areas of discourse at the workshop will include strategies to developing a bankable business, forming essential relationships, sustainability opportunities for small businesses, good manufacturing practice – standards, quality, and packaging.

We use “accelerated learning” techniques that allow participants to learn faster and remember more of what they learn at our export workshop

Our aim is to empower people on opportunities around which they can tap into in order to generate more income, become independent and even employ others by cloning our 7 figure export business model .

Unlike other export trainings where participants are left alone after the training, the Nigeria Export Workshop team will continually follow up and mentor all participants until they succeed. The training will also focus on practical ways how to start on a very small scale with local products and foodstuffs you can source for around you (for as low as N20,000) and sell for up to 100% profits.

We will also show you to start export business from the comfort of your bedroom with the use of our cutting-edge technology, that will connect you to buyers abroad automatically. (Thousands of dollars has been spent on this project already) This is indeed a NEW innovation in the history of export business in Nigeria that you can’t afford to miss.

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Exportable products

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[heading title=”Who Should Attend” subtitle=”/ Expected Participants” fontclass=”fa-ticket” delay=”300″]

Produce merchants, Infant Exporters, Existing Exporters, Unemployed, Students, Youth Corpers, Civil servants, House-Wives, Small Business Owners, Farmers, Product Suppliers, Commodity Brokers, Foreign Buyers, Investors, Freight Forwarders, Shipping Agencies, Financiers and Government Export Facilitating and Inspection agencies and everyone looking to take advantage of the increased dollar rate and of course, a better alternative source of income.

[heading title=”Why You Should Attend” fontclass=”fa-star” delay=”300″]
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  • Learn The ABC Of Foodstuffs/Agro Export To Overseas
  • Discover over 5000 locally produced exportable items you can start with.
  • Discover How to Source For Prospective Buyers Overseas Through Jealously-Guarded Secret & How To Identify Genuine Serious Buyers.
  • Standard & Acceptable Foodstuff Export Product Selling Price Determination
  • The Best Packaging Pattern For Foodstuff Products To Oversea Countries
  • Insider’s Secrets For Exporting Foodstuff Via Sea Or Air.
  • How To Detect and Avoid International Trade Scams And Fraudulent Importers.
  • Where/How to Source Products Locally
  • The Guaranteed, Tried And Tested Way To Get Paid By Overseas Clients.
  • How To Attract Hundreds Of Importers To You Simply By Moving One Step Ahead Of Others
  • The Guaranteed Way To Get Genuine Foodstuffs Importers To Do Business With You
  • The Risk Involve In The Food Stuff/Agro Exportation and Business And How To Avoid It Effectively
  • Special Advise, Strategies and Mentorship From Veterans Nigeria Foodstuff Exporters and Agric Expert Who Have Attended various Seminars Outside The Country, This Is A One In A Life Opportunity To Synergize With The Experienced Foodstuff Exporters Who Presently Cannot Meet The Demand Of The International Market, You Can Help Them Source For Some Of These Product, They Can Also Help You Get A Ready Made Buyers For Your Chosen Product Abroad.
  • Advise and Training from Government Agencies.
  • Facebook Experts: How To Use Facebook To Generate Massive Sales For Your Foodstuff Products
  • How To Turn Your Foodstuff Website To 24/7 Money Making Machine This Super Lecture Is Tailored Specifically To The Foodstuff Exportation Industry
  • Know the viable non-oil export sectors and the modes/barriers to entry Assess your business for export readiness Learn about products that can be exported under the AGOA scheme
  • Meet with financial experts and fund managers to access the Federal Government N500 Billion Export Fund and other SME growth stimulation funds
  • Conduct business health checks with approved Business Development Service Providers (BDSPs)
  • Step-by-Step Guide on How to Start Exporting on a Small Scale Immediately After The Workshop With Case Studies of Products You Can Start With, Without Any Paperworks.
  • Free access and training on how to use our B2B portal where foreign buyers can order for your products and pay you seamlessly. (You will never have to struggle to get foreign buyers)
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[heading title=”testimonials” subtitle=”-See What Past Participants Are Saying” fontclass=”fa-comments” delay=”300″][testimonial][item_testimonial thumbnail=”1086″ alt=”testimonial” author=”Chigozie Harry”]I will recommend that this programme should be held across the nation to give others the opportunity of becoming an export millionaire in this time of recession[/item_testimonial][item_testimonial thumbnail=”1085″ alt=”Testimonial” author=”Kunle Afuwape”]I am very impressed with the lectures and the trainers, I think if I apply all I have been taught, I will be a good exporter. [/item_testimonial][item_testimonial thumbnail=”1087″ alt=”testimonial” author=”Sandra Samuel”]Nigeria Export Workshop is a well detailed programme. New exporters like me can get started immediately because of the passion of the organizers to see us succeed in this business.[/item_testimonial][item_testimonial thumbnail=”1271″ alt=”testimonial” author=”Chief Samuel Ebuka”]Nobody, at any level, should be allowed to have anything to do with export business until they’ve participated in Nigeria Export Workshop.[/item_testimonial][item_testimonial thumbnail=”1272″ alt=”testimonial” author=”Philip Nnaji – (Export broker)”]“Every time I see people struggling with export, I say to myself, ‘This man has not attended a thorugh worskhop like Nigeria Export Workshop and yet to be a member of African Business and Exporters Network.’”

Unedited Video Testimonial From Delegates at One of The Previous Workshop

Click here to watch more testimonials, case studies and free videos

[heading title=”Some Past and Expected Workshop Facilitators” subtitle=”(New speakers are usually added at each edition)” fontclass=”fa-user” delay=”300″ class=”text-left”][speaker slug=”developer” column=”col-md-2 col-sm-6″][button title=”See all speakers” link=”#” target=”inline” fontawesome=”fa-user” margin=”30px 0px 20px 0px”]
[heading title=”training fee” fontclass=”fa-user” delay=”300″]
[pricing name=”Delegate” value=”25,000″ name_button=”Pay With Your Card” link_button=”https://paystack.com/pay/new” extra_link=”false”]

Access to Training Materials – NO
Interactive Session
Access to some benefits listed above 
Lifetime access to our foreign buyers portal(on spot registration) – NO
1 year Mentorship – NO
Access to Nigeria Export Workshop Group (For Group Export) – NO
Group/Speed Networking
Live Recording of the Workshop – NO
Access to Exporters Exhibition booth (Get to see products and how they are packaged for export)
Mentorship/Follow up – NO
Weekly Export Contract/Opportunities – NO
Goody Bag – NO
Raffle Draw/Souvenirs/T-Shirts – NO
10  out of 10 Spots left at ₦25,000


[pricing name=”Executive Delegate” value=”30,000″ name_button=”Pay With Your Card” link_button=”https://paystack.com/pay/newed” extra_link=”false”]

Mini Export Training Kit worth N10,000 (1 Supplementary video training)
Access to Training Materials
Interactive Session
Breakfast and Lunch
Access to all benefits listed above
Lifetime access to our foreign buyers portal(on spot registration)
1 year Mentorship
Access to Nigeria Export Workshop Group (For Group Export)
Group/Speed Networking
Live Recording of the Workshop
Access to Exporters Exhibition booth (Get to see products and how they are packaged for export)
Mentorship/Follow up
Weekly Export Contract/Opportunities
Goody Bag
Raffle Draw/Souvenirs/T-Shirts
Certificate and Many More
(3 out of 10 spots left at ₦30,000)


[pricing name=”Senior Executive Delegate” value=”40,000″ feature=”featured” name_button=”Pay With Your Card” link_button=”https://paystack.com/pay/newsed” extra_link=”false”]

Starter Export Training Kit  worth N25,500 +(6 supplementary video training)
Access to training materials
Dedicated Table/Senior Executive Tag
Access to all benefits listed above
Lifetime access to our foreign buyers portal
1 year mentorship
Membership to Nigeria Export Workshop Group (For Group Export)
Group/Speed Networking
Live Recording of the Workshop
Access to Exporters Exhibition booth (Get to see products and how they are packaged for export)
Mentorship/Follow up
Weekly Export Contract/Opportunities
Goody Bag
Raffle Draw/Souvenirs/T-Shirts
Certificate and Many More
5 out of 10 spots left at ₦40,000


[heading title=”Online Export Business Course and Offline DVDs” fontclass=”fa-file-video” delay=”300″]

Want to start or grow your own 7 figure export business but can’t attend our physical workshop because of time or distance? We’ve got you covered!

Enroll for our online export course (Export Business Coach) to learn everything about the international trade business at your own pace. The course training/materials which also includes the recorded version of the past physical workshops, is also available for offline access in DVD modules and you can also get the same benefits as if you’re live in attendance.


Some pictures of past editions -More on our facebook page (businesscabal.com)

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To make payment for this workshop, pls pay into GTBANK, A/C NAME: BROWSEDOTCOMTECH SOLUTIONS PROVIDER A/C NO-0119088501 N.B All payments are to be made before the Workshop day to ensure proper planning for all participants. No Payment shall be received at the venue except for delegates with prior permission. All delegates must also ensure they make a payment of atleast N5000 to secure their seat for the EARLY-BIRD DISCOUNT and balance the rest before the workshop date. If you need further clarifications, do not hesitate to reach us via email or call us on 08098929298.

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Lagos C‎hamber of Commerce and Industry, Plot 10 Dr. Nurudeen Olowopopo Drive, Beside Marwa/MKO Garden Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos +234 8098 9292 98


[heading title=”Contact Us” fontclass=”fa-ticket” delay=”300″]

For enquiry and seat reservation, pls call 08098929298 or email new@businesscabal.com

Disclaimer: Nigeria Export Workshop (N.E.W) is not in any way associated, affiliated or organized by Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry. All correspondence should be addressed to BusinessCabal, the organizer of the workshop.

NIGERIA EXPORT WORKSHOP™ is the trademark of BusinessCabal® All Rights Reserved.

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