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10 most expensive military aircrafts in the world

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As technology advances in the different areas, aircrafts is not left out. The military technology advances, more effective but expensive aircraft are been made. The military acquires these aircraft to help them have a better defence tool.

Listed below are the most expensive planes in the world, starting with the least expensive of them all:

F/A-18 Hornet: $94 million

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Expensive military planes

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This plane was first used by the U.S’s first fighter in the 1980s. It is capable of attacking both ground and aerial targets. It is used by countries like Canada, Australia, Finland, Kuwait, Malaysia, Spain and Switzerland.

EA-18G Growler: $102 million

Expensive military planes-2Growler is a lightly armed version of F/A-18 fighter that has been updated for electronic warfare. It is capable of jamming enemy communications and also disrupting anti-aircraft radar.

V-22 Osprey: $118 million

Expensive aircraft-3











It takes off like a helicopter but flies faster and farther like a fixed-wing plane. It was first used during a combat in Iraq in 2007.

F-35 Lightning II: $122 million

The F-35s, intended to replace an ageing aircraft arsenal, were developed as part of a Joint Strike Fighter program between the U.S. and its allies and were criticized as underpowered and overweight, so it can be easily targeted and overpowered by enemies.

E-2D Advanced Hawkeye: $232 million

Expensive military plane













This is a major step forward for surveillance and reconnaissance, the Advanced Hawkeye’s powerful new radar system will increase the range of territory an aircraft can monitor by 300%.

VH-71 Kestrel: $241 million

Expensive military planes8















The high-tech helicopter that was suppose to replace the president’s aging chopper fleet, but because the cost of production was running over the budget for that year, it was suspended. This was when Barrack Obama took over the office.
Later the House Appropriations Committee unanimously approved restoring $485 million to fund the Kestrels.

P-8A Poseidon: $290 million

Expensive military planes7













It suppose to be used by the Navy to conduct anti-submarine warfare and gather intelligence. It can carry torpedoes, missiles, depth charges and other weapons. The P-8A is expected to go into service in 2013.

C17A Globemaster III: $328 million

Expensive military planes-8
















Its an Air Force military-transport plane and its used to move troops into war zones, perform medical evacuations and conduct airdrop missions.

F-22 Raptor: $350 million

Expensive military planes

F-22 was manufatured by Lockheed Martin and he says its the best overall combat plane in the world. It was first used at the Cold war as an airframe. It is the most expensive but can shoot enemies cruise missiles, flies long distance at supersonic speeds.

B-2 Spirit: $2.4 billion

Expensive military planes1

B-2 is hard to via infrared, acoustic, electromagnetic, visual or radar signals. It is capable of attacking enemy targets with less fear of retalaition. It has been in use since 1993 and has been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan.

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