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These are the top US tech companies professionals are desperate to work for right now [part 1]

According to a post recently published by LinkedIn and compiled by, there are 40 companies, mostly tech companies, professionals are dying to work with. Employees never want to leave when they are hired. These companies have great culture, perks and overall mission. They are good...

Top 5 Most Expensive Watches in the world that you can’t buy

These expensive watches in the world make us think time is that very valuable. If you are one of those gentlemen who are super-rich and you have a passion for dressing up prim and properly, you’d most likely be interested in investing into a...

Best Company Cars to Consider for Your Business

Selecting company cars for employee use is a big expense that requires some careful thought. The first consideration must be whether this is a perk for a titled position or if it is a necessity for completing regular business. You need to have a...

Photo: Jeff Bezos seen having a good time with bijini ladies

Jeff Bezos shared half of his wealth with his ex-wife so he can go outside & play. 

Pictures and video from BusinessCabal Picnic at Badagry Slave Trade

Here are few pictures and video from BusinessCabal Picnic/Boat Cruise in 2017. More pictures on facebook fanpage [youtube]   View more pictures here    

Coca-Cola Vs Pepsi: the war between…….

coca-cola and pepsi are no doubt the biggest brands in non- alcoholic drinks market globally. l without looking at official sales stats,coca-cola should trump pepsi in nigeria. Nigerian generally prefer coca-cola products,although pepsi products are usually few naira cheaper. This was subject of discussion in a lunchtime...