40 Nigerians Under 40: Bankole Wellington [15]

bankoleMr. Capable has proved his capabilities as a member of the new school of leaders, as an entertainer; he’s used the kits in his arsenal to promote good cause and his business acumen has provided mentorship for aspiring young singers. Not to be outdone by his exploits in the music world, he is also accomplished in other fields.

He’s published writer, as articles from his blog (http://bankyw.blogspot.com) have been featured in so many Nigeria Newspapers, magazines and websites. As a philanthropist, he launched the “I AM CAPABLE” scholarship fund, which provides tuition, rooms & boards at universities for youths who are in need and meet the grade requirements.

He’s also on the board of trustees of the “LightupNigeria” Project, which is focused on achieving constant electrical power supply in Nigeria, as well as various other charitable society building and empowering projects.

Banky played a major role in mobilizing the Nigerian youth to participate in Occupy Nigeria series of protests in January 2012. The protests were to resist the implementation of the governments’ fuel subsidy removal policy. Welcome to the school of new leaders under 40.

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