40 Nigerians Under 40: Linda Ikeji [23]

lindaShe once tried her hands on different things as a young girl before getting it right. She was a popular runaway model, reporter, fashion consultant, event manager. Publisher of a fashion magazine, even a beauty pageant consultant in 2003 Miss Nigeria. She must have weathered a lot of storm and still rose above mediocrity.

Apart from making millions from her enterprise, she has been mobilizing thousands of readers in her online community, Linda had the ability to provide a voice to Blessing Effiong, a girl who had actually been apprehended for 4 years in prison without a trial. Four months after the tale was reported on the blog site, Blessing went out of jail with her freedom, grateful to all advocates including Linda Ikeji.

Whether you agree with her methods and material or not, we need to hand it to Linda, she has actually captivated, engaged, inspired and promoted Nigerians for 7 years doing what she loves best. She has actually turn blogging into a profitable company and shows no indication of stopping. With well over 40,000 hits daily, LIB, stands as one of the most profitable ventures in Nigeria. Last year August Forbes profiled her as the highest paid and most powerful blogger in Nigeria, a feat you won’t achieve by sitting at a corner. She is a shining example for this generation.

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