A New Source of Green Energy – Created in China, Made in France!

The collaboration between China and France has started to delivers ground breaking advancements and inventions that utilize RF Energy Harvesting to power or charge your smartphones and all electronic devices. Brand new YUANJUNCORP has been incorporated in the UK this September 2015. This venture is a part of an extensive program with a Holding based in China to operate one of their most important companies: The France sister branch.

All of their RF Energy harvesters will be Made in France. After spending over a month together mapping the vast organization that will operate a trillion Dollars market, YUAN Jun and WEI Xin agreed to implement harvesters’ factories in France in order to assure the best quality for their customers. They have to mass produce over 75 billion harvesters to replace our traditional batteries, from AA, AAA to the Button cells. Meantime they will have to implement other harvesters in new devices to make the environment cleaner and to contribute for a safer world for the future generation

I’ll say one thing; this guy is definitely not short on either talent or experience. Founder and Chairman YUAN Jun, obtained his master in IT in the UK, had a hand in developing the famous Uurobot and later went on to found several tech startups including IseFeel for Home Automation Systems and eventually established a totally new standard protocol for communication, using nodes that can sense instead of regular switches.

YUAN Jun Declared: “We have an important mission, delivering free energy is a part of our mission, but also to help factories, to made an exemple, because we have been the factory of the world and now our creativity is unleashed. We will not only manufacture in France, we will also help as much as we can companies that deserve a chance. YUANJUNCORP is a begining of a new era and I am proud to be Chinese, proud to my Country, and we will show to the world all the potential we have. We are used to electricity, we are about to show the power of energy, a clean and green source of energy that will change everything.”

They will not only revolutionize the clean energy technology as they partner together, the Holding also provides in-depth knowledge, analysis and advice to global clients in the fields of Communication, Artificial Intelligence, Robotic, Home Automation with the use of a new source of green Energy. Their services are composed of a two pronged complementary approach, Consultation and Creation. The process includes trend-spotting, branding, idea development and feasibility studies, market research, strategy and development, grassroots brand integration, intellectual asset acquisition, strategic and operational advisory services and investment resources.
So it is no surprise that they devised a pretty ingenious answer to cope with the problem of electromagnetic pollution issues, with a new source of green energy.

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