Alternatives to making payments online after CBN restriction on use of card

In a previous post explaining the CBN ban on use of Nigerian cards abroad and online and the limitations involved, I promise to share alternatives especially as regards to paying for stuff online. I’ve personally been using this alternative many years now and so when the CBN ban came, I was not moved by it. The fact remains that the United States Dollar is still a strong and mostly used currency online and anywhere in the world. Even things we pay for in Naira where probably bought in dollar. Anyway, straight to the alternatives for making payment online.

The Only Ways I Know for You to Pay for goods and services in Nigeria now is PayPal and Payoneer. If you don’t have a strong PayPal account then forget about using it to pay for subscription based services like your domain, autoresponder or hosting. You need a fully verified PayPal account for that. When i mean PayPal, I am talking of a foreign PayPal account that can be use to receive payments as well as for buying online. We all know you cant receive payment with your Nigerian paypal as at the time of writing this article.Even your Nigerian PayPal account that can only be used to buy stuffs online is now useless because i don’t think you can use it to buy anything online now.

For Payoneer, you can do anything with it even though there are some services that still reject Payoneer card.

How about loading your account with cash?

Well, the best way to do that will be to start accepting your online earnings via any of the two payment processors.

You can get your fiverr, clickbank, jvzoo, amazon, freelancer etc payments via any of the two processors and then have money in them.

Another way to load your accounts would be to buy some funds. But believe me, buying funds now will be much harder. No one would want to sell his dollars now and those who would want to sell would sell very high.

As for virtual credit cards like entropay etc., getting them funded is still going to be a problem.

Someone mentioned paying for imported products via western union… But last time i checked, you can’t pay via western union from Nigeria, you can only receive money. Unless that has changed.

So if you need dollars now, you need to start going international, selling your services on fiverr or similar freelance sites and get paid via Payoneer or PayPal. Another way is to start monetizing your blog with affiliate products from clickbank, jvzoo, amazon etc.

I know we will always find a way. But seriously, its like the people in government don’t know that we exist. How about a protest or something to let them know that we do exist.

I believe there is another way to tackle the dollar-naira problem but our government always look for the easy way out and we the ordinary people are the ones who suffer.

So folks, what are the other ways you know?

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