Apple, Samsung Returns to Court Over Patent Damages

Apple-SamsungLast year August, Apple took Samsung to court for infringing on its products, a jury ruled the case in favor of Apple by asking Samsung to refund Apple with about $1bn for the damages.

Today, both parties are back in court for six days trial because there are claims that the cost of damages should not be up to the the amount that was charged Samsung on patent infringement.

A judge named, Lucy Koh in March, 2013 said the damages should be recalculated and a new trial will be conducted. The judge said that $550m out of the $1bn had been worked out in a proper manner but she said the remaining $450m should be reassessed.

Apple-Samsung1Though Apple had originally sought for $2.5bn for the damages from Samsung. But the remaining $450m may be increased or decreased, so Apple may end up with more than the original $1bn awarded at the first trial.

The purpose of this retrial is to calculate the total cost Apple lost to Samsung’s Infringement on their patents from the sale of the devices.

Apple had argued that Samsung Infringed on its iPhones and iPads, but Samsung also claims that it was already working on rounded rectangular handsets dominated by a screen and a single button before the iPhone was revealed. It sought $519m in damages from Apple.

This is really a tussle between Apple and Samsung because they have not been able to reach an agreement. It’s possible that after this new trial both companies will likely go for an appeal.

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