Artisan Tea Crafter seeks recognition for tea-crafting as an art form

Las Vegas, 08/22/2015 –  An Artisan tea crafter is seeking recognition for tea-crafting as a form of art. The Artisan Tea Crafter, Alice Edwards, founder of Alcheme of Tea, exhibited the three works of art including watercolors and paintings, showcasing tea as art, at a local tea party and show, Saturday, August 22nd, to show the significant link between food, fashion, and tea as art.

Alcheme of tea is an artisan online tea house providing tea connoisseurs with the finest pure and small batch blended teas available. Alice Edwards, Artisan Tea Crafter creates transcendent sensory experiences fusing tea, art, science, and history to create liquid stories. If you want to focus by having a refreshing drink, Alcheme of Tea has teas created for using meditation in combination with tea drinking for better health which could also be included as part of a daily detox refreshment.

Alcheme of Tea’s goal is to create tasty flavor and story palettes that, when you drink them, fuel your soul and inspire you to achieve all your desires. Our tea both draws from and is an inspiration of art, love, joy, laughter, creativity, and growth. In its own essence of creation and expression, our tea, itself, is an art, and its creation was joy.

It’s mission is to share a cup of tea and all the good it can bring to those who seek the positive sensory experiences we offer.

Alcheme of Tea, LLC is committed to giving back to the world it finds so inspiring and helping it continue to grow and be a better place to live, work, and create. To that end, Alcheme of Tea gives back to causes that are chosen because they address one or more of the following needs: encourage creativity and art being used in functional mediums, assist in micro businesses, teach financial literacy, or provide water to those in need.


Press Contact:

Alcheme of Tea, LLC

Contact: Alice Edwards, Artisan Tea Crafter

Mailing Address:1350 E. Flamingo Rd #13b #544

Las Vegas, NV 89119

Phone: 702-983-2447


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