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How Average Nigerians are Making More Than $3000 (N1 million) Per Month with Affiliate Marketing And How You Too Can

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Affiliate marketing is an incredibly accessible way to earn a great deal of money month after month on auto-pilot. Anyone can do it and there are very few barriers to entry. The list of advantages of affiliate marketing over other money-making business models is impressive

Some of the Benefits Of Becoming An Affiliate Marketer:

  • You are your own boss and can work from home at your own pace
  • Most affiliate programs are free to join and it only takes minutes to sign up for programs online
  • You do not need your own product or service to sell
  • As an affiliate you do not have to deal with customers at all. Order processing, invoicing, fulfillment, and customer service is all done by the merchant
  • Very low overhead and nearly zero risk
  • You can work from anywhere in the world that has internet connectivity
  • That is why, in my opinion, affiliate marketing is the best business model in the world.

To make money online with affiliate marketing, you don’t have to create, own or stock your own product. You can direct potential customers to websites already selling products that have been created by other people and if somebody buys the product following your referral to that website, the product owner will pay you a commission.

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The product owner also organizes the customer payment, delivery and fulfillment of the product. This is called affiliate marketing and it’s your job as an affiliate to connect prospective customers with products or services that they’re looking to buy. You can get commission anywhere between 5% to as high as 75%. Some product owners can even give you 100% commission on their first product. You can make as low as $100 per commission in a day and as high as $1000 or even more depending on the products. With the high exchange rate of dollar, $100 is equivalent to N36,000. Imagine making that every single day? That’s over 1 million naira per month. This is the reason why more and more young people in Nigeria are starting their affiliate business. Before you doubt the possibility of making over 1 million naira per month with affiliate marketing, see the success story one of the top affiliate marketers in Nigeria recently shared on his facebook wall.

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It’s incredibly unbelievable for a Nigerian to make over $400,000 (that’s N144,000,000) within 7 days online with the power of affiliate marketing, but it’s true. As a newbie, you may not make up to that even in your first year starting the business because this thing come with experience but you can easily make up to $100 per day if you follow the blueprint to success.

So how do you get started?

Choose Your Audience

Before you start to look for products you can sell, you have to determine your target audience or niche. What problems do the audience in your chosen niche want to resolve? The affiliate products you promote should offer the solutions they’re looking for. You can find a huge number of products to sell from affiliate marketing companies like Amazon, CJAffiliate, ClickBank and JVZoo.

Start Small

You won’t make hundreds of thousands in a single day like I said earlier but you can make up to $100 a day. Start small and keep improving your online reputation. Develop and provide high-value content on your website or social media. There are affiliate programs that do not require a website, but your own website makes it possible for you to concentrate on being authentic so that you come across as being reliable and professional.

Build An Email List

Concentrate on developing an email list of prospective customers from your website and social media accounts. You can send emails to your list whenever you want. This is the most effective way you’ll have people buying the products and services you recommend.

Treat It Like A Business

Even if you only work it part-time you need to treat it like a real business and not something you play around with. It’s okay to play around at the beginning to see if it’s right for you and it’s a good way to learn. But eventually, if you want to create a real online business you’ll have to treat it that way.

Think ‘Telling’ Not ‘Selling’

Be helpful, friendly and care about the things you promote. Look at it as more about ‘telling’ rather than ‘selling’. When you put it in the perspective of helping people find what they need or want, you take the strain off yourself to be continuously selling. This will allow your efforts to flow from genuineness rather than looking overeager in trying to make money.

Companies are happy to pay commissions to people just like you, in return for selling their products and services. You have the potential to make a great income when you choose the right niche, stay committed, and understand your audience. For a no-nonsense, kick-start guide to getting started, visit https://businesscabal.com/money

There are still tons of things that you may have to learn like how to get visitors to your squeeze page in order to capture their emails and make sure they buy every single product you promote. You dont need to learn SEO, link building, etc. If you want to learn all these things within a couple of hours and how to make your first $100 as soon as tomorrow, click here to get my step-by-step guide.

You will also have access to COMMISSION GOLD DIGGER course. A step-by-step jealously guarded system that will teach you each and every thing about affiliate marketing. It has a proven model to make more than $10,569 in flat month and how you can make your first $100 by tomorrow. Visit https://businesscabal.com/money to sign up now

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