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These are the top US tech companies professionals are desperate to work for right now [part 1]

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According to a post recently published by LinkedIn and compiled by, there are 40 companies, mostly tech companies, professionals are dying to work with. Employees never want to leave when they are hired.

These companies have great culture, perks and overall mission. They are good at attracting and retaining great talent. Read about this great companies

  1. Google (Internet)


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With about 60,000 employees around the world, Google, now known as ALPHABET, is a great place to work. Employees enjoy great perks, like on-site massages, as well as the company’s dedication to building optimal teams, with the goal being to improve employee happiness. Google is also making strides to close the gender gap by offering pay by job rather than going off someone’s previous salary.

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2. Sales Force (Internet)


After a little inspiration from Buddhist monks, CEO Marc Benioff  decided to create “mindfulness zones,” or quiet areas, on every floor of Salesforce’s new building in San Francisco. According to LinkedIn, this installation is a nod to the company’s stance on wellness: “employees can’t guide customers to success if they aren’t first taking care of themselves.” Salesforce also offers 7 days of paid leave annually for employees to spend time volunteering.

3. Facebook (Internet)


When you’re competing for the most cutting-edge engineers — and you need an army of them each year — a culture that brings them in the door isn’t just a competitive advantage, it’s a must-have. Facebook, now known as META, promises that those people who are builders will get plenty to work with at the company: managers “set them free” to conquer projects. There are plenty of benefits for life outside the office, too. Last year, Facebook extended its four-month paid parental leave program to all full-timers. Another draw: The strength of its business. Revenue has increased by more than 40 percent for 14 straight quarters. As startup life gets more difficult, the appeal of landing at a growing safe-haven like Facebook is appealing: It recorded a 34 percent increase in new hires during our Top Attractors reporting period.

4. Apple (Computer/Electronics)


People are happy to work at Apple because of the products they create. According to LinkedIn, ex-employees write about talented co-workers and great flexibility. The company is also working to diversify its workforce. And, last year, Apple gave out restricted stock units to a majority of its more than 100,000 employees according to media reports.

5. Amazon


The ever-expanding company pays well and supplies employees with the Amazon Career Choice Program, paying up to 95 percent of tuition fees. With the Amazon Women in Engineering program, it’s not a bad place to be a woman in tech either.

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