How To Check if Your Adobe Account Was Hacked

adobeSometime in October, hackers penetrated into Adobe’s database and made away with a huge sum of data which contains customers details like their emails and passwords. The data taken amounts to about 9.3Gigabytes in total.

The initial number of accounts that was claimed was hacked by Adobe is about 2.9 million meanwhile it’s really about 150 million accounts and this is because the passwords was not stored securely. Though they are now encrypted, but encryption does not guarantee that a user’s account is save.

A tool has been introduced by Adobe for all users to enable them check if their account is one of the accounts that was hacked. LastPass password security service is the one that launched the tool to help identify the hacked accounts.

To check an hacked account, go to this link on, type in your email address and select search. Your email will be found once you are a registered member with Adobe. If you get a red alert after the search, then its time to change your password because that indicates that your account has been hacked.  All users are advised to use a one-off password on Adobe site.

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