Computer Repair Services for Your Home or Business

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computer_repair_largeThere is a growing trend in the technical industry that is changing the way computer repair is being performed today. Over the past few years we have seen the rise of the Geek Squad in Best Buy stores across the United States. But in the past year many technical entrepreneurs have started businesses that allow them to fix the most common software problems like virus removal or general computer support over the phone. This does not mean they walk the user through fixing the problem, but instead, a qualified technician connects to your computer over the Internet using special software and works on your computer as if he/she is at your home. Technology plays an important role in their service allowing them to connect to your computer across the Internet and use your mouse and keyboard as if they were in front of your computer. This is obviously a big time-saver for both the customers and the service providers and hence this computer repair service offering is quickly gaining popularity. The advantages of this simple business model are ideal for the consumer and business providing the service. The consumer does not have to pack up their computer and take it to a traditional store and leave it for several days. With online technical support the service is instant allowing the problem to be resolved in minutes instead of days or even weeks.
One such company that is providing this service is BoxAid offers a toll free number that allows the end user to call at any time for phone technical support. One of the expert technicians located in the United States establishes a connection to the user’s PC over the Internet and solves the problem without the end user ever leaving their home. Not surprisingly the most common calls that BoxAid gets are about virus and trojan removal. Today’s virus cleanup is more difficult since viruses and malware are getting much more sophisticated making them tougher to remove from your PC. In addition, there are thousands of calls from users asking how to speed up their computers and solve common computer error messages.
In comparison to traditional brick and mortar stores with significant overhead, BoxAid is able to offer it’s services a fraction of the cost of what larger stores charge. Computer Repair costs start at $29 and more importantly, the initial assessment is always free. The end user is asked for their credit card at the end of the phone call so they feel more comfortable when calling in. Finally if the end user feels that their problem was not solved by the technician there is no charge and no questions asked.


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