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Data Ladder Reviews: Easy Cleaning of Big Data

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Data Ladder is a premium data quality software organisation that is involved in helping business users in getting the maximum out of their data via data matching, enriching tools, profiling, and de-duplication. Be it’s about changing the complicated product data via semantic technology, or matching millions of records via their disordered matching algorithms, the data quality tools of Data Ladder offer the ultimate level of service supreme in this industry. Read this article to get the Data Ladder reviews, why people choose it and how its data quality tools clean big data so easily:

Why choose Data Ladder

Data ladder is easy to use and its powerful and user-friendly software helps enterprises and its users throughout numerous industries handle their data more efficiently and also drive their bottom line. It’s strong software suite, DataMatch Enterprise, proved itself by finding nearly 5-12% more matches than the top-notch software organisations like SAS and IBM in 15 different studies.

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Data Ladder Products Reviews

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In order to get genuine Data Ladder reviews, you must know about its products. Here they are:

  1. DataMatch Enterprise – Enterprise Data Cleansing

This suite is extremely visual desktop data cleansing app particularly designed for resolving the issues of client and contact data quality. It incorporates standard algorithms and different proprietary for finding fuzzy, phonetic, abbreviated, and miskeyed variations. This suite contains scalable configurations for record linking and deduplication, improvement, suppression, extraction, and standardisation of client and business data.

You can use DataMatch Enterprise suite for finding and linking client data, removing unwanted and deceased records quickly, consolidating throughout numerous sources, and easily enhancing your mailing and marketing performance.


  • Big data capacity with data sets up to 100 million records
  • Merge purge and deduplication across and within any number of files
  • Advanced record linking technology for building data warehouses
  • Exclusive matching speed and accuracy for enterprise level data cleansing competing against SAS and IBM
  1. ProductMatch – Master in Product Data Cleansing

Data Ladder has been known as the helper of the medium and large enterprises in terms of solving their data quality problems. Using refined semantic technology, ProductMatch enables users for cleansing and handling their product data more effectively and easily. Unfortunately, unstructured data can become unmanageable sometimes. In that case, ProductMatch makes your unstructured data right, handling your data integration and data quality.

ProductMatch utilises machine learning and semantic technologies for identifying and changing complex and difficult product data from different sources. From consolidation to cleanup, ProductMatch gets your data right. When you are reading Data Ladder reviews, you must know that the software tools of Data Ladder are reasonable and easy-to-use for the newbie users who are not familiar with data quality tools.


  • Advanced semantic matching capacities
  • Incorporates advanced translation and classification capacities
  • Capacity to match, cleanse, validate, and govern product data from every source
  • Semantic identification of structured and unstructured product data
  1. On-site Address Verification Software

It’s really a tough and time-consuming task to keep your contact databases clean and accurate. However, it’s no more difficult if you use the secure, on-site address verification and geocoding software of DataMatch Enterprise, which works for businesses of every size, offering services for a limitless number of records.


  • Enables correction of addresses preserved in Oracle, Excel (all versions), Text (.csv, .txt), MySQL, ODBC, dBase, and SQL (all versions).
  • The on-site solution enables user privacy – no requirement of sending private data via the cloud.
  • Offers enriched data via the edition of updated demographic and geocoding data.
  1. Database Cleansing Kits – Affordable data cleansing

Using Data Ladder’s database cleansing kits, you can save time spending on removing duplicates, matching lists, and data cleaning activities by almost 90%. You can save your money on bad mailings and errors. Poor data costs enterprises billions in lost sales and errors. So, now you can start using easy-to-use, top-notch, affordable data cleansing tools with a free trial. All products of database cleansing kits are compatible with Windows 2003, Vista, XP, 7, and 8. File formats include Access (including 2015), Excel (including 2015), Text (.csv, .txt), MySQL, ODBC, dBase, and SQL server 2000/2003/2005/2008/2010 etc.


  • Save your work as a DataMatch project for being utilised again in the future.
  • Import or export any type of list with the inclusion of MS Excel, Access, MySQL, Text files, and dBase files.
  • View your data cleaning and transformation in real-time.
  • Import numerous files. Can match, combine records and deduplicate throughout various lists.
  1. DataMatch Enterprise Server Edition – Data Cleansing API

This edition is a plug and play framework for creating defecting data usable. Allowing real-time intelligent, fuzzy search of your databases easily and quickly, DataMatch Enterprise Server is the best record linkage software of the world and can allow search activities and also build a single client view. This server edition offers every tool to get your database clean more effectively and quickly. What will you do if there is inconsistency or variation in your data? Also, what if there are a lot of errors in both a search engine and a database? Well, DataMatch Enterprise Server Edition of Data Ladder can find the relevant data – even with incomplete data.


  • Unmatched scalability and performance
  • Robust error tolerance
  • Easy to handle and user-friendly
  • Immediate feedback with constant updates and real-time indexing
  • Integrates smoothly and operates freely with current databases
  • Accurate, effective and works very fast


Generally, cleansing big data calls upon big levels of stress. With the progress we have experienced in technology over the years, numerous industries have been changed from the very basic condition. For data scientists and researchers, data has really become costlier and more detailed than ever before. Nevertheless, this has additionally impacted millions of business analysts and others in the globe whether in the business niche or not. With remembering this, it has become more complex to address the real analytic questions. Data Ladder’s data cleaning and data preparation tools have developed in popularity in recent times. Hence, it is recommended to you to opt for this cleaning kit, if you want to clean big data and give it a sheer presence as well.

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