FG with Huawei Launches ICT Empowerment Training Programme For 1000 girls

SmartwomanMonday, November 4, the Federal government through the Ministry of Communication Technology launch a training programme to empower unemployed women and girls in ICT.

It is a three-day programme that will train 1000 girls in ICT within a year and the training began on Monday with the opening ceremony. Two other initiatives was also launched along side the training programme, the Smartwoman initiative in collaboration with US based social enterprise ChangeCorp and WIMBIZ. This event took place at Huawei training centre in Lagos.

During the Minister’s speech with the journalist, she said, there has been imbalance in ICT and it was high time they make a balance in the industry. As we all know, more men are in this industry than women. The purpose of this initiative is to help close the huge gap between the males and the females in the industry.

She also said that, the development of women in ICT will make them more efficient in whatsoever they are doing and it help generate more jobs in the country.

At the end the first phase of the training programme 200 girls out of the 1000 will be selected to work with Huawei. The girls will be trained in Telecommunication Networks, Transmission Network and GSM, LTE, WCDMA and other ICT skills.

This is a huge improvement in the Communication Technology sector and also in the country, if extended to other sectors in the country, then our country will be a better place.

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