This guy is developing a gun that looks like a smartphone

Kirk Kjellberg, an entrepreneur in Minnesota, USA, is developing a gun that looks like a smartphone when folded out. The guy got the inspiration for the handgun after a child saw him concealed his pistol in a restaurant and told his mom, bringing unwanted attention to the fact that he was packing heat.

In his words, Kirk said “This little kid says, ‘Mommy, Mommy, that man’s got a gun,’ so the whole restaurant looks at you like you’re about to shoot the place up,” he explained. “So I thought to myself there’s got to be another way to be able to carry without bothering other people.”

Kirk has gone ahead to create a startup, Ideal Conceal, with the intention of producing several of those guns. The problem with his product is it may stoke fears rather than quell them.

The pistol itself is a double-barreled .380-caliber derringer that only holds two bullets and can only be fired when it is folded out. It isn’t available for sale yet and the patent is still pending, but it looks like Ideal Conceal has the intention of producing it.

While this may seem like a great idea for gun owners in USA who don’t want to alarm people with the presence of their firearm, what about the people who have bad intentions? The Ideal Conceal Pistol can easily be brought anywhere, making it past metal detectors and security pat-downs under the guise of being a phone. If anything, the existence of this weapon could make security even more of a pain to get through — imagine if everybody’s smartphones had to be inspected on top of everything else.

Kirk said he has received 2,500 emails from people who want to buy an Ideal Conceal Pistol.

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