Get Hired Without A Resume

job without resumeHave you ever wondered if its possible to get hired without a resume? or Have you written a resume and still have not been considered for a job? An individual who has the boldness to face hiring managers, has the necessary skills to work in particular firm and passionate about the dream job could get a job with or without a resume.

Most employers spend little or no time on a resume, they are actually after what a person could offer the firm. So it’s actually possible to get a job without a resume. Employers have found out that most people are not totally honest with their resume, they claim to be capable at something, but they don’t really have an in-depth knowledge of it. Employers sometimes prefer people with the right skills approach them directly and present what they could offer the organisation.

Hiring without a resume benefits companies because, instead of judging a book by the cover, they get to read a chapter before they buy. 

Before approaching the firm or organization with what you have got, know about the organisation, find out their key problems, be sure your skills could help them solve such a problem and present a project relating to the firm’s problem.

Do you want to get hired? Below are some tips that might be of help.

  • Get Done with a Personal Project: Employers love to see what you have been able to achieve with the skills you claim to have. So get a personal project that relates to your interest and has something to do with the company you plan to work with. The project is actually a replacement for your resume and employers prefer this even to your resume.
  • Be Honest : When you approach an employer, try to be honest about what you can do, what you have done and your real interest. If you are honest about these things, the employers will really know where to fit you in.
  • Put Efforts at Rising above your Present Level: Most employers employ people and monitor them for a period of time, if you are able to prove your competency, you will be taken to the next level from your current position. But if the employers see any form of laxity then, you should be aware that you won’t be retained for long in the firm.

You don’t need all the experience in this world before you approach a company, all you need is your skills, drive, and passion about what you have to offer the company.

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