How To enjoy Excess of Cash

Now let’s face the facts: you cannot be rich when you say you do not have money. Are there people who have become rich even when they did not have money? Of course yes. It is not having money that makes you rich. In fact, those that live in riches right now may not have had a dime in their pocket. It is your ability to produce money even when you don’t have the cash that makes you a rich man.
The Rich Never Started With Cash
Donald Trump was in debt in millions of dollars, but today is he lives in wealth. Bill Gates had to sell his medical text book for the sake of Microsoft, because he never had the cash to start it up. Jim Ovia had begged his several uncles for a loan to start Zenith Bank and no one responded, but today he is the highest shareholder in the bank, even in retirement.
How did they get there? When opportunity meets with ability, riches are inevitable. I have had a lot of folks who were crying here and there for loans to start a business. You can easily tell that these ones will hit the rocks, because they lack ability.

The way to riches is not about having money, but developing ability or having knowledge that can produce money; that is why the world’s richest folks out there did not start with money but with a vision, driven by ability and information.
 The way to wealth
The poor guys are always keeping what they have because they believe they cannot reproduce it again. A bird in hand is worth more than a million in the bush, and poverty does not respect idioms. Poverty does not respect those who have money; in fact, those who have money are their greatest enemies. That is why if you go to where the rich people stay and search the entire city, you will be lucky to find money that can fill a trailer, but if you try such actions where the poor reside you will fill ten trailer loads with cash in Ghana-must-go bags and even more, if you check under the pillows. To be continued
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