First Lady Patience Jonathan and Nobel Laurette Wole Soyinka to debate

Nigerians-challenge-Patience-Jonathan-to-debate-with-Soyinka1-360x225When Nigeria First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan launched a diatribe against the Nobel Laurette, Professor Wole Soyinka in which she described him as an “embarrassment’’ for attributing the crisis rocking Rivers State to her and her husband, President Goodluck Jonathan some few days back, some Nigerians have taken over to Twitter and other social networks to voice their concern over the development and are calling on  Channels Television, a Lagos-based private broadcaster, to organise a debate for the two on Sunrise Daily which will provide a level playing ground for the duo to thrash out the knotty issues they were arguing on. Sunrise Daily is a news and current affairs programme that features prominent Nigerians, who are experts in their areas of specialisation.

According to an anonymous web surfer, he said, “Kindly call on Channels TV to organise a debate between Prof. Wole Soyinka and Dame Patience Jonathan.  I know we go laugh pass ‘Night of a Thousand Laugh.”

One Richy Amechi also has this to say “Wole Soyinka is a reputable/honest man, you cannot compare him with Jonathan or any of his advisers and cabinet members. You cannot even compare Wole Soyinka with anyone from the S/S region not even the old he-goat called Chief Edwin Kiagbodo Clark. Wole Soyinka is well respected in US, UK and other parts of the world as a playwright and poet. The first person in Africa and the diaspora to be so honored with a Nobel Prize in Literature. Wole Soyinka is a well educated man not like Jonathan who is an illiterate. President Goodluck Jonathan went hiding inside the toilet at OAU 50th Anniversary instead of coming out to present his speech. Was he afraid of speaking good english? Sign of illiteracy, how can a President of a country missed his speaking slot at the 50th anniversary on the founding of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) in Addis Ababa.

Another Nigerian, who prefer to be called Francis said “I dey laugh oooo. Why calling on Soyinka and madam jonathan for debate? this is something else. Even I remember Mr jonathan too ran away from debate during the last election. What do we expect the madam to say, beside telling lies. Its a pity that, Jonathan and his madam are behind all the mess that is going. on in Rivers states.”

Another Nigeria who was obviously excited about the request of some Nigerians said “That will be the greatest comedy of the century. These are the materials Soyinka will need for such debate. Helmet, Face mask, anti-earth quake survival kits…..because when Patience begins to speak her “grammarticologies”, Oh Lord…..the whole stage will shake vigorously, and bullets coming from her mouth will be hard to defend. LOL”

Duduyemi Bosso, also said “… How on earth would somebody or group of people suggested a debate between Dame and Prof?”

One funny Nigerian who prefer to be called akara said “Lolxxxxx… Debate ke… Abeg ooo dearest, Prof no accept the debate oooo.. This Patience Agbero 1st lady go turn am to creek-style gidigbo wrestling, before you finish your first sentence..Lolxxx… Never a dull moment in naija. The land of the good, the bad and the very very ugly…”

However, one Omooba who is not happy with the wired request of Nigerians said “This is a hare-brained proposition. Dame Patience has made her point; which is that Soyinka is an embarrassment. I not only only agree with her, but also dare add that Soyinka is a disgrace because he has dragged himself down by making wild, unsubstantiated claims like those that one hears at beer parlours. Interventions by people of his calibre ought to be balanced, measured and non-partisan. Ordinarily, Soyinka ought not to be associating with scoundrels like Bola Tinubu. But because of the ‘kobo kobo’ he gets from ACN stalwarts, he has turned himself into their mouthpiece. The insult sent in his direction is very well deserved. Those who are interested in a debate should find him another debater. Anyone with a third class degree like him would do.”

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