Linda Ikeji Loses $1.2 Million ‘Virtual’ Empire

Linda Ikeji, one of Nigeria’s most successful blogger has lost her blog due to copyright infringement, violation of cyber law and plagiarism. The 34-year-old ex-model turned blogger, who started ‘gossiping’ about celebrities, entertain and aggregates news from different sources, 8 years ago, has made several millions from her blog. She recently rewarded herself with a N24 million range rover jeep as her birthday gift, amidst critics and well-wishers.

Her blog, which is estimated to be worth $1.2 million, was hosted on Google hosted free platform (blogspot) and was taken down on Wednesday after several complain and petition were made to Google by different people, especially one ‘@MrAyeDee’ who goes by that name on twitter. In a recent update made by Linda, she shed more light into this

“So something has been going on for the past couple of days that I haven’t reacted to because I wanted to see it play out and see how far these people will go. They have gone far and it’s now time to react.

The only reason this is happening to me is because I’m number one…so I am flattered. I am currently No.10 on, more read than all the other news sites in Nigeria, so I understand why I am the target. If I were them, I’d hate me too…lol.

So here’s what’s going on. Sometime last year, some guys decided it was time to run me out of business (duh, like you can…lol). So they began to spam by blog. And when your blog gets a lot of spam, Google (which hosts my site) can take your blog down. But instead of taking my blog down, Google took my Adsense down for a few months and eventually re-instated it. So they didn’t succeed. These same people started sending strange emails to me…looking for different ways to have access to my blog. But I wouldn’t let them. If they could, they would have hacked it, but they couldn’t so they continued to look for different ways to attack my blog. Please continue…

In April 2014, these guys decided to close down the blog again. In the emails they exchanged back and forth, they said ‘plagiarism is a good excuse to finish her’. (they forget that if they succeed in closing down LIB because I’m on blogger…I could easily start a website). Now let me tell you who these guys are. They are IT people, security experts who know how the internet works. They are hackers and cyber-squatters…and only go after the biggest internet setups.

Immediately after I shared photos of my new SUV, these guys re-connected again and decided it was finally time to end LIB because there were quite a few people who were mad that I bought the car and they wanted to play on their emotions. The head of this team is a guy who goes by the name @MrAyeDee on twitter. They decided to use the plagiarism card. He said it was the strongest claim to make and easiest way to get support from other people. And then the campaign started with him claiming that I took something from him without crediting him or asking for permission. 100% false. If he owns a website, I’ve never visited it. He started by writing all sorts to get people to notice…and then he acted. Like I said these guys are IT experts, they know what to do to get blogger/Google to come after you. So he and his team started filling several reports, sending links of my blog posts and making claims to Google. Outrageous false claims. And because Google acts first before they contact the blog owner, they took down some posts and asked me to file a counter claim if I felt I had a right to re-publish those articles. Now that my blog is under Google review, these guys have started to spam it again.

They want Google to shut it down. That is their aim. Will they succeed? I sincerely don’t know. I’m not an IT expert…I know they are spamming and filing complaints, I don’t know what else they are doing behind the scenes but they are relentless.

Now let me give you guys a bit who this Aye Dee guy is. He’s anonymous on Twitter. Nobody really knows who he is but according to those investigating him, his name is Emmanuel Efremov simply known as EE by his friends. He’s the owner of media group. Based in Manhattan. Gets funding from some US organization. (His number – 212 9608127). He’s apparently been stalking me for years now and have registered quite a number of my domain names… plus 8 others. He also owns…yep, he owns a blog. He accuses me of copyright infringement but when you go to 9jalife and other websites he owns…98% of the things he has on there are other people’s content. You see pot calling kettle black? Lol.

As at the time of writing this, it is not clear which domain Linda is going to start her blogging business but she has assured her fans of coming up with another blog soon

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