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Mark Zuckerberg Net Worth Doubles: Now One Of Top Richest In The Technology Industry

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download (5)Founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has had an increase in his net worth which has qualified him as one of the richest billionaires in the world.

His net worth got doubled from $9.4 billion to $19 billion, the increase in Zuckerberg’s net worth is tied to Facebook’s stock which hit $17.55 early september 2012, and presently increasing as the day go by. It was found out last week that the stock rose to $45.

Zuck now ranks high in the technology industry and features among the top ten richest people in the technology world.

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Listed below are the list of the top 10 rich people in the technology industry.

  • Bill Gates – $72 billion
  • Larry Ellison – $41 billion
  • Jeff Bezos – $27.1 billion
  • Larry Page – $24.9 billion
  • Sergey Brin – $24.4 billion
  • Mark Zuckerberg – $19 billion
  • Steve Ballmer – $18 billion
  • Michael Dell – $15.9 billion
  • Paul Allen – $15.8 billion
  • Charles Ergen – $12.5 billion
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