Microsoft Launches Surface 2, What To Expect

microsoft2 Microsoft just launched its new Surface tablets, these tablets are to replace the initial tablets that was brought into market last year. These two tablets, Surface RT and Surface Pro was a failure after it was launched last year.

Surface 2 and Surface 2 Pro are the new tablets to be launched today and its likely Microsoft launches another tablet later this year, it will take the form of a mini (7-8 inch) tablet.

Though Microsoft as had so many challenges with the initial tablets that was produced which resulted in a loss of about $900 million, but they are still trying their best to make it in the tablet market.

Microsoft applied this old saying the new tablets that was realised, “no need to reinvent the wheel”, the new tablets looks almost like the former ones, only little changes were made.

Both Tablets will have the same 10.6 inch screens, VaporMg casing, same snap-on keyboard/covers that the current Surfaces use. Also they will have the same number USB ports, just WiFi, no support for LTE.

There is no difference in the prices of these new tablets, the prices for the new tablets won’t be reduced. The Surface 2 price will start from $349, while Surface 2 Pro price will start from $799.

The Successor of Surface RT, Surface 2 will be an ARM-based (Tegra 4) tablet with an estimated eight hours of battery life, a new ClearType full HD display which was not on the Surface RT.

Likewise the new Surface 2 Pro, successor of Surface Pro, as a longer battery life that lasts for about seven hours compare to the initial four hours of the Surface Pro. it will run an Intel Core i5-based Haswell processor.



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