Microsoft wants to pay you for using its newest web browser, Edge browser

satya nadella

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

Microsoft has been running the Bing Rewards program since the year 2010. Doing your searches with Microsoft’s Bing search engine can earn you points towards Starbucks and Amazon gifts cards, Hulu subscriptions, and other such prices.

Microsoft Rewards have now come to play now since Microsoft is re-branding the program to Microsoft Rewards instead of just Bing. Now Microsoft will reward you for using Microsoft Edge(the web browser that comes with Windows 10, and the other successor to internet Explore).

Therefor users actively using the Microsoft Edge to browse the web and not just opening it an having it in the background will accrue you points that can be redeemed for prizes, up to 30 hours’ worth a month.

While Windows 10 is on over 350 million active devices, the Edge browser hasn’t quite made the splash that Microsoft had hoped for. Current numbers place Edge usage at just over 4.2% of the overall browser market. So now, Microsoft wants to give users a little extra incentive.

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