Mobile Number Portability: Who is losing and who is gaining subscribers?

mobile networkWhen the mobile number portability by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) was kicked off, telecomms companies have been running several “port-to-our-network” campaigns on tvs, radios, newspapers, billboards and several online platform to woo subscribers from other networks to switch to their own network.

In what could be as a threat to their network, and as a creative way of getting the right attraction for their “port-to-our-network” commercial, MTN used a known face (Saka) associated with etisalat’s campaign prior to the number portability kick off. The commercial which will probably serve as the most commended in recent advertising history of the country, followed the principle of AIDA – Attraction, Interest, Desire and Action. It is no doubt that the copywriter was very creative with the campaign.

Even though MTN I-don-port-o commercial created the right attention, interests and connected with subscribers, it seems desire and action as subject in the AIDA principle is not on the side of MTN as those that will port are more from MTN according to a survey taken on subscribers recently.

The survey taken on subscribers show that 63.7 percent of subscribers want to remain with their current network, 36.3 percent want to move to a new network and 1 in 3 is unaware of the number portability.

For those who want to move to a different network, 52 percent would move to Etisalat, 25 percent to Airtel, 16 percent to Glo and 5 percent to MTN.

The survey reveals that of those who chose to stay on with their providers, 70 percent are currently on the MTN network, 9 percent on Airtel, 7 percent on Etisalat, and 6 percent on Glo. The survey also indicates that among those that want to change providers, 82 percent are currently on MTN, 8 percent on Glo, 5 percent on Etisalat, and 4 percent on Airtel.

Though the sample study might be considered small compared with the total number of subscriber base, it also did not say anything on the age bracket of the sampled population that could be an interesting subject under this topic among many other things to be reviewed in creativity versus sales. It is important that the subject of creativity and sales comes into focus of every campaign based on value.

Value is the ultimate reason consumers associate with a brand, and if there is anything the Etisalat brand has done for consumers in the country is that as the fourth player it had to be extremely innovative to get the attention of the consumer/subscribers through pricing, packaging and its service offering. The move of MTN to use Saka was a glorious announcement to the public that there is a challenger brand that has successfully eroded the subscriber base of the brand, and now that portability is the other of the day, MTN prays the public to come to them; but where are the footfalls in spite of the commercials on number portability?

The value proposition of a brand will always be the reason for porting and not the face of the man or his dance steps, thus is Saka a real success from creativity or sales perspective? wants to hear your opinion. What network are you using and do you plan to port? Tell us your view about this by commenting below.

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