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Why Modern Consumers Expect A Store App As Default

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It’s essential to know that any competent, modern and relevant business should be keeping an eye on what the modern consumer expects from them. This helps them stay in sync with modern purchasing trends, preventing them from suffering from a perception of being outdated. Not only is the perception of being outdated bad, but being outdated means you cannot functionally stay compatible with the purchasing trends of the modern day.

All in all, this can lead to some real issues, where in reality you shouldn’t be facing this type at all. One of the most pressing requirements that has occurred in the last four years, is the expectation for every sizeable store to keep a mobile app. With almost 90% of digital time spent on mobile devices, and an increasing number of purchases emanating from them also, it’s essential to keep up to date and receptive to this form of income.

In order to know why consumers expect this, and the methods for catering to that, consider the following points:

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It is essential for your app to keep solid support functionalities for any consumer hoping to contact your firm about any issue. This app could connect to your live chat network, to your call centre or allow for easy contact when drafting emails to your firm. Ideally, you want all three of these functionalities. For this reason, it’s important to ensure you keep a firm like Svitla Systems – best practices in mobile QA automation as the best method of testing your app before it launches. This is because nothing annoys a customer more than not being able to contact you. It might work fine in the app, but consider never receiving those contact requests as a bug. That could truly leave you with some real customer angst on your hands. It’s best to never let it get that far.


Users want to see their usage history. They don’t want to have to enter their address and card information every time they make an order. They likely also want to save their orders in the expectation that they can come back and recommit to that purchase at any time, without wasting time crafting that again. The entire thought process behind the need to develop an app is to increase customer convenience. This means from opening your app, they should take the least amount of time possible needed to make an order if they are so inclined.

That means often allowing for them to access their previous order forms, and also being presented new information relevant to them. You can do that via the use of:

Customer Accounts

If your business does not currently allow for the use of customer accounts, we would strongly advise that you rectify this. It’s essential for businesses to offer the means to identify consumers, and to appeal to them. If you do this, you can use this information in very many ways. You can identify promotions that spoke to them, and what their purchasing patterns are. You can advertise them custom services that might not appeal to all of your audience.

You can also see their entire financial and observant relationship with your storefront, and that can save your support staff time when trying to isolate the issue. After all, asking an employee to list all of this information themselves can be quite difficult to do. They might not remember completely clearly, express it strangely or be very impatient and refuse to do so at all. For that reason simply having an indexed list of all activity on a certain account can save you time, effort and energy, and it’ll hopefully keep your support staff sane.


Consumers expect the ability to interface with your firm in the most convenient way possible. We are becoming a society where a button replaces all intensive interest in heading to a store and setting up a dialogue. We are all interested in saving time and allowing for more functionalities to stay at our fingertips.

Why is this? Well, because the shopping experience does sometimes get old, at least for repeated purchases. Heading to the store is still very much a thing for days out or when products need to be inspected, but for many many products the delivery service reigns supreme. Sites like Amazon and eBay have led the forward charge in these directions, meaning that now consumers expect for almost everything to be on their smartphone home screen.

Don’t be an inconvenience for your potential customer. Develop an app correctly, and you’ll tap into the modern market and all it has to offer.

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